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How it is correct to have a rest?

Here they also came, solar days. Permits and tickets already strongly lodged in a wallet, sunblock cream is bought, the friend, reluctantly, promised to feed and walk your Stafford. The trifle remained - to turn holiday into rest.

the Summer is not a season. This state of mind

No matter, whether you decided to go a reserved seat to Anapa or to fly by personal plane to Seychelles. The facts of life consist in just to sit in a chaise lounge, to sip slowly Cuba Libre or, as a last resort, Bloody Mary and to admire a decline. And then why you take the laptop in holiday, connect the international roaming and say goodbye to colleagues in the last day the phrase Well, call if that ? Well, holiday is that time on which Daily occurrence releases you. Here also rejoice to it to the full extent. And as to make it - below.

Vacation Petrov or Vasechkin

the Neighbour from the apartment opposite to half a day painted with to you safari delights in Tanzania, and the friend from the next office advised closer to get acquainted with geishas from Kyoto. No, certainly, you like to wander on the wood with ruzhyetsy too and wish to communicate to nice girls, but The purpose of rest is first of all rest, but not two albums of color photos and six kilograms of tusks of a polovozrely elephant - a male. If you did not rave hunting in East Africa and did not fall asleep with dream of the real tea ceremony, can be to choose something simpler?

of No of problem? strong do not have

any person who would not like to run away from responsibility. Any. For a family, children, business, aquarian small fishes. And yes forever. Change of a situation - the best way to forget about problems, at least for a while. Logically? Then it is absolutely unclear why you drag with yourself in holiday the wife, children, the mistress and fellow workers. Excuses that it is more pleasant to have a rest in a familiar environment, do not pass. It is not holiday, but visiting session of court if you the lawyer any more, or a shift method if the driller on oil wells...

In a rating

Eleven months in a year we wear strict suits, we speak Yes, boss! No, boss! also we spend days off at the mother-in-law. Well, we lead absolutely dreadful existence. Holiday - is also that time of X when we become by itself. To walk on hands? To get acquainted with two little girls, coevals of your daughter? To remember a lambada pas couple? You should not think that such behavior threatens you with something. But you will reduce psychological stress greatly. A month later you will be a devoted husband, the executive subordinate of etc again.

the Last hero

Within a year, except for rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, is not enough for each of us something heroic. Perhaps therefore adult uncles in expensive suits competing in speed climb to remove a cat from a tree, having abandoned the leather briefcases in dirt. Holiday - an ideal opportunity to receive the extreme feelings which are due to you. Having arrived to the new place where nobody knows you, you are deprived all constraining moments. When you with a paintball marker atilt make the way more often or, puffing and being answerable, climb on a steep slope in through undershirt, wet from sweat, and will come to nobody to mind that before it the sales director or a successful top - the manager.

Back, to the nature

it is Not less, than to show the brutal essence, having made something heroic, on holiday pulls us to the nature. Most likely, matter in genetic memory of those times when having left caves, people just sat at fire and looked at it. From here and our habit to get out for the weekend to the country to shish kebabs. Matter not so much in joint eating of the hot more or less natural meat which is plentifully flavored with alcohol, rastormazhivayushchy ancient instincts, how many in switching on other values. The most inveterate pragmatists begin to listen to singing of birds and a rustle of wind in crowns, and city dwellers in the fifth generation venture to pass the whole three hundred meters barefoot. The similar moments perfectly calm our not strongest nerves, but whether it also is a main objective of holiday?

... If you carry out at least several points of this program, can be proud honestly of a rank Honored holiday-maker of the Russian Federation . You received it by right.