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How to prepare forshmak?

to my generation were necessary to live at the time of general deficiency. Good in such life it is not enough, but all - the pluses are.

One huge plus was that many hostesses invented absolutely new dishes and recipes or remembered and simplified ancient and let them, so to speak, in broad masses.

I remember, the grandmother put before me a plate on which the small fish decorated with onions and parsley was laid out from dark weight kept saying: - you eat

expensive vnuchenka, today it was succeeded to get herrings, but it is saltish too. Here made a forshmachok.

Ya ate greedily a salty dish with the fascinating name forshmak .

On our street there lived very dear intelligent lady, the excellent milliner. She loved me and sewed fashionable clothes. Once in addition to a new dress, the kind woman treated me with a surprising dish which was called " too; forshmak only prepared according to other recipe.

Much later, in recipe-books, I read several recipes of preparation of a forshmak. But never met these two recipes anywhere. it is difficult for

of my children to surprise with something tasty and original. Besides the son and the husband do not love herring. But forshmak eat greedily. However, I did not stand aside and brought the contribution in these recipes, but such at me character of the experimenter.


Forshmak of my grandmother

- 1 herring (to clear, remove bones);

- 1 glass of white crackers;

- 1 average bulb;

- 1 boiled egg;

- 1 tablespoon of vegetable fragrant oil.

Pepper, spices to taste, but do not stir, on the contrary. All these components to overwind

in the meat grinder, and it is better to shake up in the food processor. Homogeneous mass which can be laid out on a plate turns out, having given any form, to decorate with greens. And it is possible to make oil sandwiches and this weight to add from above. Zakusochka amazing to beer and so, for appetite.

As I learned the second recipe of a forshmak from the intelligent lady, and over time and itself turned into that, the second recipe, having added the stroke to this dish, I and called:

Intelligent forshmak .

- 1 mackerel (to clear, separate from bones, to cut with pretty cubes;

- 2 average potatoes small to cut. Do not forget to boil previously, otherwise absolutely new recipe will turn out;

- 2 eggs small to cut (boiled too).

- 2 bulbs (to cut and fry small on vegetable oil till golden color).

When onions will cool down, add to it a butter spoon. Everything cut to dump

in a deep vessel, to add fried onions, it is good to mix. It is possible to season to taste with the pepper and spices used for fish dishes. It is well stored in the refrigerator and always helps out when on a threshold there are guests We did not wait for you . Sandwiches turn out much and tasty.

Can be smeared on bread over oil, and it is possible also spoons, to eat greedily sorry.

It is necessary to wish all bon appetit! But behind beer to descend I advise.