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The modern youth degrades?

Presently values of youth and in general all human population absolutely others if to compare to values of mankind of last generations. With each generation the youth appreciates the true art created not only their great ancestors, but also contemporaries less and less. And with each generation, people begin to understand all beauty of works of the creators painting our world and our life later and later. What is the reason of such decline of consciousness and spiritual beauty of the people? The reason needs to be looked for above, that is in those people who passively destroy and even, one may say, forbid spiritual beauty. These are those people who find in these actions only for themselves material benefit. People fall morally, spiritually, esthetically and intellectually. And other people get out of this situation only with small benefit for themselves. But for them spiritual beauty is not important and therefore, neglecting it, they in themselves destroy it.

Of course, this reason is not only. As if it was one, then all people would be those. But all is a lot of people now - will read art, and store the great strength of the ancestors, also, without forgetting also about contemporaries. A lot of things depend also on people as this negative influence though quite strong, but all - fortunately, it is passive. Also at people is, so to speak, heritage from their great ancestors whose memory needs to be revered but not to disdain it. Exactly thanks to it many people will melt on the true way of spiritual development and self-improvement. But all - unfortunately, people, uncomprehending all beauty of art, the persons interested who are not feeling life wholly, and not to understand it and to self-improve, make the majority from all mankind.

Art is a support of all mankind. Yes, it, and anything else. But about what spiritual, esthetic beauty can there be a speech if people, earn money on destroying the finest that is in general on Earth, in same as they people. About what human relationship, mutual understanding, love and mutual aid it is possible to speak in general if people benefit for themselves, thereby, killing other same people, them brothers . Where here common sense? Where here all human beauty? Where here real life???