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How to choose mountain skiing or Where something will turn up?

Mountain skiing for health and prestige

As well as all in this world, sport happen mass and elite. The last therefore call elite that it is available to not everyone. To play such sports beautiful, prestigiously and very expensively.

In the summer you can be fond of tennis, equestrian sport, an auto racing - the list is big. In the winter, whatever one may do, everything rests against the sledge, skates and skis. Well, the sledge - it is trivial unless on iceboats to drive or to join bobsled. Skates - it is somehow dullish on one patch to turn even if it the size about stadium.

Mountain skiing - this scope! Picturesque mountains, fresh air, unpredictable routes and a heap of adrenaline in blood!

Until recently mountain skiing was very elite. Why until recently? Yes just because this sport becomes more and more available, more and more mass though cheap it to call difficult even now.

What is necessary for occupations by mountain skiing?

Sport now more than ever depends on quality of stock. In modern skis the set of inventions is worked. In aspiration to overtake each other the big companies do not feel sorry for forces on development and advance of up-to-date alpine skiing equipment.

Skis - that a horse for the rider. Without them you will not leave. And if you want to go well, then good skis are necessary. If you think that mountain skiing is the same pieces of wood what we rode in the childhood, then you are mistaken very strongly. Mountain skiing differs from them just as a race car Formula One from the scooter. The modern ski is the multilayered product from a tree, plastic and metal covered with special varnishes and ointments. And twice a year the existing park of skis is considerably updated - firms - producers put on the market all new and new models.

When curve it is better direct

what it is necessary to pay attention at the choice of skis to? Well, of course, at length and width, but, first of all, on a sidecut. There is such English word carve - to cut. About ten years ago this term began to designate skis of the special bent form. If to look at them from above, at once it is noticeable that the sock and a back of such skis are much wider, than the middle. These fitted skis allow to make sharper, directly - cut, turns, in comparison with direct skis. What allows not only more precisely and to quickly bypass obstacles in slalom, but also to take great pleasure from driving on obedient and playful skis.

And producers started making such skis. There was a so-called carving revolution. Occurred, but very quickly ended. Or rather, the fashion on a new word ended. Because now all skis do with a sidecut. Classical - with cut to 8 mm, the majority of skis - to 15 mm, well, and very much abrupt - to 25 mm. And here the optimum length and width of skis depend on your growth and weight. Here it is necessary to tinker, choosing skis on themselves. Of course, there are special tables, but, finally, everything becomes clear on the route.

Over what designers of skis puzzle?

Over their universality. Their record indicators, how many convenience of skis to us, ordinary users are important for the producer and the seller of skis not so much. There are mountain skis capable it is good to slide on any slopes, at any condition of snow more and more. More and more skis create for entertainment, but not for records.

The most important indicator of skis - their rigidity, i.e. ability to cave in under loading. And so, modern skis even more often let out with the rigidity differing on length, for example, a rigid sock and a soft heel. Moreover, rigidity of the most advanced skis depends on loading size - at sharp turn material of skis becomes rigid, the " ski; rests and at smoother - skis are easily bent, allowing it is easier to operate them.

The essential attention is paid to the torsion rigidity of skis, i.e. its resistance on twisting. For repayment of vibration of skis use the special built-in systems of vibroclearing.

Generally, difficult this business. And time so care for us, there cannot be we indifferent. So, ALL ON SKIS!