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Whether it is necessary to renew the relations or whether It is possible to enter one river twice?

It is impossible to enter twice one river if you left someone, never come back to this person the second time, you already know, than all this can end. If you were thrown, or you threw someone why you consider that if you meet, then it will not end with parting again.

If you were betrayed once, you left, you suffered, suffered, waited for what? The fact that your love will think again and will come to you on the bended knees? And here suddenly to you comes as you thought love of all your life, asks to accept, says that it any more will never repeat, swears eternal love and fidelity! How not to believe in it? You trust? Yes, you trust! All trust! You meet. Everything is good, there are no reasons for nervousness, apparently, that everything falls back into place, life is adjusted, love - carrots. But not here - that was! All the same somewhere at heart, somewhere very deeply you wait for the same act from the big love, you know, no, you are simply sure that the person whom you love all the same will not change! And he all the same will repeat the same mistake, from - behind which you left. Let not now, well all of you equally wait from it for some meanness!

Why we meet and disperse and again we meet? It can last eternally! You met and dispersed for three years. What is the time you loved each other? Three years you were reconciled and quarreled, were again reconciled, and spent for love at best month! Whole month? It is a lot of? In a month it was possible to make four scandals! Killed on love the whole month! In a month four to week, a week one scandal! On Monday swore, on Friday reconciled, for the weekend signed the non-aggression pact, then all at first This

life! Can all the matter is that you just love skandalchik, or you do not accept your relations? Then why not to find to itself other soulmate. Why me someone another if and so everything suits me, it is not necessary to me other love!!! Just to me that is more cheerful!

But if you need fun, but not love, then can go to work in circus, it is always cheerful there, it is possible just to settle the clown part time and to entertain itself and others to the pension. So we kill two hares at once: we do not torment the person who loves us and therefore suffers our tricks, and we entertain ourselves without skandalchik, stressful situations and hysterics, and to all other we get paid in circus.

A good solution, but and how then love, the love - that wants? There is a wish to love someone and to be darlings? It is possible to find love now, you work in circus now, and you will not miss, will not torment anybody, to exasperate with scandals, and you will have a normal life if of course are not jealous of you of the trainer or the girl with hoops.

We distracted from a real problem, but the decision thought up just remarkable. So, why we meet and disperse, meet and again we disperse? If you are not masochists and you do not derive from it pleasure, then it is just love! Why it is so shown? You love each other, but something does not suit you, you try to change some trait of character in the person, or at all to arrange him under yourself, he begins to resist, you leave He understands that he cannot live without you, and you without it, it is ready to change, and to you already to spit on its trait of character which was not pleasant to you you are ready to accept it it what it is, with all its shortcomings, you love each other and you meet This procedure can repeat several times, and it is normal, it is possible to call it grinding in, you look narrowly to each other, get used, and all this only to make your relations rather strong.