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From where is the pearls, or Tears of angels of

" went; And be you see tears it it is lying on

to its skranye, a yak zhenchyuzhny " grains;.

(Ipatyevsky chronicle, XVV.)

From all jewelry granted by the sea the most expensive are, perhaps, the pearls. Actually, even not I so consider it, and the people who paid huge money for the right of possession of these small beautiful balls consider. And if only money. And how many lives were given taking pearls from sea depths!

According to the most ancient scientific data, the pearls are the hardened tears of persons of a divine origin. At the time of Homer said that pearls are tears of sea goddesses - nereids and when ceased to believe in nereids - claimed that it is tears of angels.

In Senegal believed that it is teardrops of the simple young man Ziguinchar from the tribe of uolof which got to slavery. But, as it got not only to slavery, but also to a legend, it means not just the young man, and the person dawned a certain sanctity. That is, and here everything meets.

Ancient Hindus considered that the first drops of a rain which catch in the opened sink palms - the zhemchuzhnitsa emerging from a sea bottom especially for it become pearls. And what is rain drops how not tears of inhabitants of heaven?

And in ancient Japanese, Egyptian, Armenian, Assyrian and other sources it is also claimed that it is sea tears, the stiffened rain drops, say, God`s dew. So the question of an origin of pearls can be taken for granted.

There are, however, also other versions. Some, I will not be afraid of this word, very narrow people, consider that it - ... the organogenic limy concretions formed in a body of some two-fold sea and fresh-water mollusks moreover give for some reason a chemical composition as if from it the pearls will become finer. But we such, if one may say so, theories we will not take into account. It is boring.

Whether Russian word pearls occurs from Chinese to a chzhenchzh whether the Chinese name came from primordially Russian word, it was not succeeded to find out. In any case, in Russia the word pearls appeared in immemorial times, at the princess Olga it already was.

Even for separate grades of pearls there were in Russia names. The large perfect pearls were called burmitsky " grain; and small not sverleny pearls - seed pearls . The most valuable pearls from the Persian Gulf called east or oriyental . Also the kafimsky pearls were famous (from the name of the city of Kafy, near present Feodosiya). But do not think that it was got there, just it was imported through this port.

Other people called it differently. For British, French and Germans it pearl . For Spaniards, Greeks and Italians - margarites . And Hindus call him manyara - flower bud.

Already from one it it is visible that the pearls were known long ago and everywhere. Really, the pearls were got not only in the Persian Gulf and on solar coast of Polynesia, but also in the mountain rivers of Ireland and even in Dnieper. Pearl jewelry it is mentioned in such authoritative sources as the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud.

All know that collecting pearls - very heavy and dangerous trade. But gradually it is a thing of the past. Fruitful zhemchuzhnitsa becomes less and less, probably, gods prefer not to cry now, and to have fun. However in X a century Chinese Iye Gene - Young (according to other data, Hou Tkheon - Fod) found God`s worthy replacement to tears. It began to put in river sinks - zhemchuzhnitsa lead and tin plates with Buddha`s image. And zhemchuzhnitsa, having estimated sanctity of images, began to envelop diligent a priming nacre, forming pearls.

However, legends say, as it was not the first, the way was known much earlier. Just it was reliably forgotten. Attempts to grow up pearls repeated repeatedly, but only in 1913 the method was put on industrial rails - Japanese Kokikhi Mikimoto took the first round pearl which is grown up artificially. Now 90% of pearls receive by cultivation, and " firm; Mikimoto delivers the largest, most beautiful and most expensive pearls to the world market.

This year it is accepted to give pearls. Do not miss the moment!