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What is the bread machine?

the Household bread machine was invented not so long ago - more than 20 years ago. In my opinion is one of the most wonderful inventions similar to a magic tablecloth that is especially pleasant for our person.

The principle of work of home bakery is simple - the device consists of an antiprigarny bowl in the middle of which the shovel - a mixer is fixed. Outside - the control panel with buttons. Necessary ingredients are poured into a form, the button and all is pressed. Through the specified time you are waited by the most tasty bread.

Also the bread machine is equipped with the timer. It means that it is possible to fill up since evening in it products, and next morning you will wake up from a matchless smell of fresh pastries.

Three products - flour, yeast and water are necessary for preparation of bread.

The bread machine supplied with function of addition of auxiliary ingredients will allow you to expand the range a hlebushka indefinitely - dill, sesame, mushroom, beer, orange, coffee, chocolate etc. In my opinion, newly-baked sweet bread, for example, with chocolate and nuts, is even more tasty than some cake.

The book of recipes, a measured glass and a measured spoon is applied to each bakery. The quantity and an order of a mortgaging of ingredients need to be observed precisely, otherwise the result will disappoint.

Bread from the bread machine quickly hardens (from - for lack of preservatives) therefore it is possible to store it no more than 3 days in densely closed package. But I assure you, bread will disappear much quicker and will hardly manage to remain at least till tomorrow. If you have an attack of economy and you will bake surplus of bread, it can be cut on slices and to freeze in the freezer.

Depending on bread machine model bread turns out is powerful from 500 g to 1,5 kg. So it is necessary to elect the house assistant proceeding from family size. Bread machines of large volume can bake both big, and small loaves.

Whether it is worth saying that home-made bread is much more tasty store, besides, you know precisely what yours consists hlebushka of, and can, except everything, choose color of a crust from light to dark.

Thanks to the bread machine you will forget about such wearisome work as a test batch. Now it is possible without effort to compose dough for pelmeni, pizza, pies and other delicacies. Many models of bread machines are also able to do jam, to bake cake and to cook rice. My favourite option in the bread machine is a preparation of jam. Same - to fill up the principle in the capacity of berry and sugar and to wait something about an hour. Also it is possible to treat guests and relatives with home-made jam.

Some producers oriented on our buyer (as it is known, we are the biggest fans of bread), and in such bread machines it is possible to bake even an excellent easter Easter cake.

Usually bread machines cost about 100 c.u.

That sometimes depresses (but it is not strong) - in the presence of such assistant very difficultly to keep to a diet. Though purchase of the bread machine does not mean at all that from now on you will not buy store bread. Despite ease, not all have enough will power to be engaged in bread baking every day. Therefore usually tasty home-made bread is dated for holidays.

Tasty to you bread!