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How to celebrate christening? The part second, festive

So, christened the kid! There comes time for a cheerful family holiday. What it will be - depends on your imagination; there are several ideas.

By ancient Russian tradition, christening is a big house feast. Its main entertainment - the baptismal porridge which is generously filled with milk, oil, sugar, decorated with halves of boiled eggs. In this food baked chicken or a rooster, looking who was born: girl or boy. Grains of porridge symbolize fertility, a possession of many children; " milk; promises it is good to mother to bring up the kid. And here for the young father cooked other porridge - very sharp and salty, with mustard and horse-radish that the father could though partly to imagine burdens of the wife who gave birth to the baby. Distributed to children nuts, cookies and gingerbreads, various rolls, pretzels - so-called babkina " pies;. In general in all orthodox countries on christening call more children; children`s it is a holiday.

As well as on a wedding, it is good to invite guests to christening in writing: for example, a beautiful card in an envelope. In the invitation it is necessary to specify where you call the guest: in church or only on banquet .

In Europe, as a rule, each of guests on christening is given charming bonbonnieres - small boxes or sacks with a white dragee. The custom is not the Russian but lovely and very refined. If there is an inspiration, it is easy to make such bonbonnieres.

For this purpose you need large white (though it is possible also other flowers, but light) a dragee, white fatin and a thin ribbon of any color. Accurately we find from a fatin circles with a diameter about 20 cm - so many circles how many it is expected guests. In the center of each circle we put 5 - 7 candies of a dragee and it is beautifully tied by a tape as a usual sack. Here also the baptismal souvenir is ready!

However it is possible to make it even more more beautiful if to dream up: for example, to tie a sack two ribbons of different flowers, to paste in the center of a bow a small artificial flower or strazik. If to put a dragee not in the middle, and is closer to edge of fatinovy preparation and to stick so, then the sack will leave with graceful fan folds. It is possible to wrap candies and in beautiful gift paper. And in general forms and materials can be the most different. Ready bonbonnieres are usually put in a basket; too it is good to decorate it with white tapes and flowers. Simply, elegantly and fantastically!

In principle, christening can be very populous holiday, like a wedding - as Orthodox Christians of Greece and Georgia like to do, for example. However many not to muffle silent and deep greatness of sacrament (and not to disturb the kid), prefer not to arrange a noisy feast. In this case, to treat relatives, it is possible to prepare only a sweet table. It is very good to serve the elegant cake covered with white cream or sugar glaze. By the way, in registration of a baptismal table white color has to dominate.

As for gifts on christening, and for them there are traditions. As a rule, the godmother gives to the child a blanket and a baptismal dress, and the Godfather the father - a cross with a chain. And, by definition, godfathers give to the godson his first Bible. Guests can give anything - there are no rules here. It is worth to remember about a small gift for mother of the hero of the occasion. Well and about flowers, of course.

What comes this day to the child`s life - is big, light-and is sacred. Let`s meet it with love!