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Whether Nicholas II a Pythagorean was?

the First information about the Pythagoreans who connected life philosophy with mathematics and offered numerical structure of the universe belong to 6 - 5 centuries BC

the Founder of the Pythagorean union Pythagoras is considered it is from Ionia. He early left the homeland from - for Polikrat`s tyrannies and studied at first twenty two years at the Egyptian priests, then visited Babylonia and, perhaps, comprehended wisdom in India. After thirty-four years` training Pythagoras returned in Great Greece and in the city of Crotone created the school - the Pythagorean union.

He developed the charter defining reception conditions. The free persons of both sexes which sustained check of the intellectual and moral qualities were accepted in the union. At the introduction they handed over the property to house-keepers. Pythagoreans got up before sunrise, did gymnastics, worked, in common bathed, had supper and made ceremonies to gods. Then there was the general reading, and before going to bed each Pythagorean gave the report on the lived day: Also it was impossible to accept eyes quiet a dream until you think over last day " three times;

The basis of Pythagorean ethics was made by the doctrine about ought including a victory over passions, submission younger by the senior, a cult of friendship and Pythagoras`s honoring. Members of the union developed techniques for improvement of mental capacities, abilities to observe and listen, by means of numbers and special techniques developed the memory. Pythagoreans paid to psychotherapy, a child-bearing, medicine much attention.

Pythagoras was a large mathematician: it transformed geometry, and space defined how the universe ordered by number...

Pythagoreans avoided anger, sincere alarm, frustration and treated a body gymnastics, external drugs. Pythagoreans made discovery that a brain - the body of thinking that the animal feels, but does not think of that the soul is immortal also a bogopodobna as it possesses the eternal self-movement.

The last Russian tsar avoided anger, sincere alarm and a depression too, hoping for god. It until the end of life stored the abstract on stories of the grandfather, Alexander II who described in stay by the successor of a throne election on a kingdom of the first tsar from Romanov` dynasty, Mikhail, on February 21, 1613 in the Kostroma Ipatiev Monastery.

304 years Later, too in February will occur renunciation of the last Russian tsar who too late gave a crown to the younger brother Mikhail and in the Ipatyevsky house his life will end He was born

in May, the sixth, and parents will be with it as according to the legend with all May children, all life to toil - at first the father almost to the death, separating from the unwanted, but loved by the successor princess, and then and mother about the day of its renunciation. He kept the diary - reported on each lived day as the Pythagorean, and it since the childhood was surrounded by mysticism of numbers and their alternation.

Since January 1, 1882 Crown Prince keeps the report - he is fourteen years old, he is a soft, gentle, amorous boy. In two years, in 1884, he falls in love with the twelve-year-old granddaughter of the English Queen Victoria, Alice who arrived to a wedding of the sister Ella. Ten years later, in 1894, they will stand at an altar in the middle of mourning for the died Alexander III, and in two years there will be a crowning of 1896, with thousands of the victims on the Hodynsky field, without national repentance. But for these twelve years so much will occur!

In 1886 to it eighteen, he serves in a summary company of a Guards battalion, loves gymnastic exercises, tortures of a marching . In two years, in 1888 the successor of a throne by miracle will avoid death at train wreck near Kharkiv on October 17. First fatal date in his life. Two more years later, in 1890, Alice comes to the sister in a manor situated near Moscow Ilyinskoye, but the successor, passionately in love, do not allow to meet it, and he strongly suffers: if I do not see it now, then still it is necessary to wait for the whole year, and it is so heavy!!!

After April 29, 1891 when in Japan the police officer Sandzo Tsuda struck it with a saber a blow to the head, it will be heavy not only to it, but also to Alice - all newspapers of the world will be trumpeted about love affairs of the successor of the Russian throne and punishment for sins. There will be a long intimacy with the little ballerina of Maryinsky imperial Theater Matilda Cshesinscaya later. Not therefore whether persistent Alice`s resistance in acceptance of orthodox belief in 1894 will be such?

And in two years prior to attempt, winter of 1889, Alice stayed six weeks with the sister, and it were days of infinite happiness, but it then did not allow to be together, and it seemed that not on the cards...

exactly ten years Later, in 1899, they will be near as an imperial couple to be present at a holiday of consecration of church of Mary Magdalene in Darmstadt constructed on the earth presented to them by the elder brother of Alice, the duke Ernst Ludvig in honor of their big love and long-suffering...

Also there will be one more strange date ending on the nine eighty years later after consecration of church: 1979 - year of death of the person who was born in 1904, claiming that he is a son of the tsar and asking to bury him near remains of an imperial family if they are. Nobody ever will dare to declare him the impostor - was coincidence too much (a blood illness, not omission of one small egg as at the successor, a hem from wound), too much he knew. And the wife before his death in Leningrad pledged the word, but

I in five years the last Russian tsar will have strange jumps, the defining loves, sufferings and family destiny: 1884 - acquaintance to Alice, 1889 - all-consuming mutual feeling, 1894 - the marriage union, 1899 - construction of church of Mary Magdalene on the earth of love in Darmstadt, 1904 - war with Japan and the birth of the successor sick with hemophilia, 1909 - death of the prophet John of Kronstadt opposing Grigory Rasputin and open expression of hostility by Nicholas II to the Austrian emperor for accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1914 - the beginning of World War I and the beginning of the end of a dynasty: in two years Rasputin`s murder and through two - execution of an imperial family.

And still fatal number 17: On October 17, 1888 he by miracle will avoid death at train wreck, on October 17, 1905 will sign the Manifesto on freedoms and will keep a throne, and it is possible also life after terrible January when it turned in Nikolay Krovavy . On July 17, 1918 the bullet will interrupt its breath.

Will become fatal and for Yakov Sverdlov number 16 when he signed the telegram - the sanction for execution of an imperial family. Will not pass also year as it will find death from the Spaniard on March 16, 1919

Was still on December 17, 1916 when killed Saint aged man Grigory Rasputin. Its corpse will be burned down on a fire, and in the same way, on a fire will burn corpses of the shot imperial family. The violence repeats sometimes new violence with old numbers

do not repeat history errors, respect others lives, live in peace and friendship and happily.