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Why it is possible to call B. V. Savinkov the humane terrorist?

Boris Viktorovich Savinkov was born in Kharkiv in a family of the famous lawyer and actress. In a family, besides Boris, was two sons - Victor and Alexander, and three daughters: Belief, Nadezhda and Sofya. The family did not know troubles before arrival of sons in the Mining University where they appeared in the thick of student`s disorders. Boris Savinkov who was a father by then was expelled from university for disorders. In 1899, having returned to St. Petersburg, it got into fortress for five months where for the first time tried to be engaged in literature.

Then Boris was sent into exile to Vologda for the fact that he was sotsiat - the democrat of plekhanovsky sense. In 1903 he fled Vologda together with Ivan Kalyaev, the acquaintance to it since gymnasia years and living in an administrative exile in Yaroslavl. Savinkov runs to Geneva where he meets the leader of Social Revolutionaries Mikhail Gots.

With 1903 Savinkov participated in terror. On its account - 27 acts of terrorism. However Boris Viktorovich had also other life - life of the writer who in the verses and prose confessed and regretted deeds. According to the literary works it was close to poets - symbolists, long time was amicable with Merezhkovsky who opened for him a way to big literature.

After exposure of provocation of E. F. Azef, B. V. Savinkov refuses idea of terror. Abroad he seriously is engaged in literary activity. From 1909 to 1914 there are its well-known literary works - Horse Pale Memoirs of the terrorist What was not . In all three works the author condemns idea of terror, shows strong and weaknesses of character of the person, brings up philosophical questions.

When in 1914 World War I begins, he goes the war correspondent to the front as a part of the French army. The book of stories " became a result of its correspondent activity; In France during war .

After overthrow of the imperial government in February, 1917, Savinkov comes back to Russia where does surprisingly a meteoric career in the Ministry of Defence at Provisional government. However, after defeat of speech of the general L. G. Kornilov in August, 1917, Savinkov leaves the government.

After seizure of power by Bolsheviks in October, 1917 Savinkov takes part in Kerensky`s campaign - Krasnova to Petrograd after which he runs to Don where he helps M. V. Alekseev to create Voluntary army. In 1918 he, on the instructions of Alekseev goes to Moscow where creates the Union of Protection of the Homeland and Freedom, and prepares acts of terrorism against leaders of Bolsheviks.

From - for pressure of the Russian allies, it in July, 1918 lifts unsuccessful revolts in Murom, Rybinsk and Yaroslavl. Having escaped from the Yaroslavl prison, Savinkov runs to Kazan after which capture he joins V. O. Kappel`s group. In Ufa its candidacy was seriously considered for leadership in Ufa Directory . But he preferred to go to Paris with friends (spouses Derental) through Vladivostok and Japan. And at this time Kolchak arranged revolution, and the Ufa Directory was overthrown.

Abroad Boris Viktorovich headed " bureau; Uniok - news agency of Kolchak. He met many prominent politicians, agreed about support of White Guards in Russia though he understood that their days are numbered. In 1920 Boris Viktorovich participates in Sovetsko - the Polish war on side of Poland. In 1923 Savinkov releases continuation Horse Pale Horse Black in which shows how civil war for Russia is disastrous. In 1924. Savinkov, perhaps, under the influence of the traitors who surrounded him, leaves borders of Western Europe, and it appears in the Soviet Russia where he is arrested. In prison he continues to be engaged in literary activity. From his name Bolsheviks in the West publish the letter Why I recognized the Soviet power? caused split among emigrants. And in May, 1925 he was killed (according to the official version - was thrown out of a window).

Despite the fact that, Savinkov was a one of humane terrorists, but he chose the wrong methods for the solution of problems of the state. Of course, with its energy and talents, it could bring huge benefit to the Homeland, but, unfortunately, directed this energy not there. There is such saying: the lifted sword, itself from a sword will also die and Savinkov knew about it, and felt the hopelessness. Its destiny proves that the person who chose a way of terror is not necessary to society. But, if it did not connect itself(himself) by fetters of blood of innocent people, it is unknown whom it would become - the outstanding reformer or the famous writer? The person who became on the way of terror will never wash away a shame from soul how regretted it. Terror - the phenomenon which needs to be eradicated, and against which it is necessary to fight. There is a wish to believe that society of the future will consider mistakes of society of the past, and strong people will act for the good of the state, but not contrary to it.