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Whether corporate holidays how they speak about them are so good?

One of the most widespread and introduced elements of corporate culture are corporate holidays. Where reefs formations of team by use of this tool? Let`s try to understand.

To what holidays are directed? On formation of culture? On formation of team? Now this question torments all. And whether corporate holidays allow to achieve the planned objectives? Everywhere write about positive influence of this tool, practically each author business - books tries to convince us of need of carrying out corporate holidays, claiming that they promote strengthening of friendship in collective and, as a result, increase labor productivity. I suggest to consider the opposite point of view. To answer a question: whether so it actually?

In character of the Russian person it is put - in an anticipation of a holiday to think only of the forthcoming celebration, but not of work, and after it - violently to discuss occurring. Besides it is necessary to consider that after violently held party with mountains of salads, shish kebabs, the rivers of alcoholic drinks, time for restoration of an organism and a spirit for work is required.

Besides, on the eve of every holiday many employees have conflicts in a family: the wife cannot go to a party as or works, or someone is ill in a family, and she does not want to release the husband of one. Let one employee will have it a problem from the company, but if the state of mind of one is out of balance, he pulls for himself and others.

We go further. So, the staff of the company appeared together. It is necessary in the native company or beyond its limits to drink for it with interest. Let`s not describe feeling of the wife who appeared near the husband who lost over himself control. Dismantling is necessary at home, and time put by it will last.

Also for the head of any level will not be secret: what he neither told and nor did - he always at best will be the bad head, in the worst - simply the fool and full. At a party it under a sight not only the employees, but also their second half. Any statement, any its act are exposed to the scrupulous analysis.

And as a result for concrete couple and the company - a great deal of trouble in the future. As any even if insignificant negative reaction cannot be in vain.

of People on the biological essence - an animal, and a proverb how many a wolf do not feed, and he all the same in the wood looks more about the person, than about a wolf. Corporate holidays, as well as many good - are forgotten quickly.

After corporate holidays, and also any joint festivities where earlier the door was closed, and there was no access to information, now each employee becomes the person. I do not speak about information which fraternally share at a table. Several holidays organized by our company, for example (good holidays) poured out as a result in the fact that employees counted costs of carrying out action and nursed a certain grievance (discussed only among themselves): Better they would divide this money between all of us, and we would buy something... .

I met cases when corporate holidays united employees, but against owners and the management of the company. Here banal human envy works. To the employee annoyingly that his direct head reached something, and it is impossible to him. Table d`hote, children, the purposes - cannot unite even spouses, and employees, people who are on a miscellaneous including social, level and temporarily integrated together - will never be able to connect in a single whole.

Ate, drank, discussed all, showed discontent, and - forgot. On the physiological essence the person can accompany the management, having told: Oh, as at you it is healthy and right there okhayat the old place of work - there it was not. Heads, having towered in the eyes, will make still a holiday, even without reflecting that it gives and whether it is necessary. So all do.

I in any to a case I do not reduce need of carrying out corporate holidays. When writing this article I to myself set only one task - to show you those disputed issues when carrying out similar holidays, and to try to reduce as much as possible influence of the described factors both on corporate culture, and on formation of command spirit.