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How to get rid of feeling of envy?

About children`s envy of a lot of things are already written: both scientific articles, and techniques there everyones. And here about envy of adults − not all both is told, and written. From here, of course, the mass of questions on which there is a wish to receive intelligible answers. Well, for example, that there is an adult envy? And whether there is in general any medicine for it? Apparently, there is no such person who at all never would envy nobody to

Envy − it conducts feeling of discontent which is caused by property, achievements or personal qualities someone to invincible desire to get what someone has.

Envy − one of the most widespread phenomena of our ordinary life. Also it proceeds always from our inner circle, foreign people of envy, as a rule, do not test.

Envy − persistence of thoughts that supposedly other person unfairly receives certain benefits. From it many problems. All because envy generates desire to revenge, pushes on bad acts (the complaint, theft ), forces not to improve, and, on the contrary, to worsen life of other person.

Envy (as well as offense) − negative emotions which remain in soul and if to undertake nothing, can lead to some disease (to neurosis, for example).

The elixir with envy is in the person on whom a lot of things depends. If the person honestly admits the envy that there is such problem − it on a right way to success. It is good chance to overcome envy, an inferiority complex which sat inside and forced to envy someone.

It is necessary to tell himself firmly: I can make it much better, but I do not do because I do not want to waste time in vain . It is that way which will help to convince itself(himself) that you are not worse than someone at all, and it is better. Here main thing − not to go too far, know when to stop, and that envy easily can regenerate, for example, in arrogance.

Further to try to turn envy, so to speak, to the correct course, that is, from black to recolour in white. It is impossible to deny categorically that envy can force the person to change, become for him a certain incentive: pier, he achieved something − and I will be able! .

And, of course, to read more wise people! There a lot of things interesting and useful can be gathered for itself. Well, for example (Sri Chinma):

Envy Sting − it is an illness. A well-tried and infallible remedy from it − strong unity .

The Dagger of envy of your mind put you a heavy wound. If you want to recover, try to find as soon as possible a flame of the heart of aspiration .

You want to get rid of constant fever of envy? I will open for you a big secret: just you love and you become uniform with the heart - unity .

For what? And that between us a little became kindness, love and a consent more!