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How to construct a lodge in the village of

One man, called his Lech, built the house in the village. Leahy

had a little money, and the house was under construction long and tiresomely. For construction

needed a brick. Lech worked as the driver for one chief who on

to a debt of service went on buildings. While the chief went on the affairs, Lech`s

took on two, and threw three bricks in a luggage carrier. So for half a year at

it pieces five hundred also gathered. By the way, it stored a brick in the apartment,

between a wall and a bed. The wife, of course, was shocked, but Lech

told how they will beautifully begin to live on pension, and the spouse

calmed down.

Well, holiday time approached. Lech the state car - took

the UAZ, shipped in it a brick chock-full so springs sank and

went to the village. the First hundred kilometers everything was normal

. Lech went slowly,

but then dispersed. The road already was in the home stretch, the driver

slightly relaxed. Here, on a sin, ahead there was a repair of the road and

a huge pool. Of course, missed Lech, but at the last minute gave on

to brakes.

Further it is described from the point of view of laws of physics. The huge

mass of a brick moved forward, broke driver`s sitting and

pressed down to Lech to a steering-wheel. He could only breathe, no more. And still

to press on a signal at a breath. The UAZ decayed in the middle of a pool.

In fifteen hours, the next morning, to Lech were found by mushroom pickers.

They took out it from the car and put on a grass in an embryo pose. Through

half an hour, having brought all the member to a normal state, Lech approached

the UAZ, silently threw out all bricks in a pool, started the car,

was developed and went back to the city.

Answered Lech`s

all questions of the wife when they have a lodge in the village, so:

- Will be, Marusya, it will be obligatory.

Then went on kitchen, poured hundred grams of vodka and thoughtfully

considered an industrial landscape behind a window.