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Whether it is possible not to lie from blue screens.

Decree of the Russian President About obligatory broadcasting per television of meetings of the State Duma it was published early in the morning and I made the order about preparation additional a bed at once - places.

Yes, may I introduce myself. Stepan - Stepanovich Mikhaylovich - Leshchinsky, the head of the department of experimental surgery in the Main Clinical hospital. You, of course, represent our contingent. All elite of society: politicians of the state scale, variety stars of the first magnitude, oligarchs, however, not the largest, holders of public cash desks on federal districts. President? No, does not drop in. Yes he is also not ill us practically. Recently on a strategic bomber flew to bomb the former mine near Vorkuta. I was invited before flight pressure to it to measure for television. The simple nurse was not whether you see. Professors give them. And I it is a shame to tell, forgot how it becomes. So, for the sake of appearance shook a pear.

- How many, - with alarm the leader of NTV asks.

- For firing by cruise missiles it is suitable, - vigorously I answer. - 36 i6.

Nearly fired for nonprofessionalism. So I am not a therapist from district clinic some. I gave thirty years of experimental surgery.

Our department was organized at GKB in the late fifties, right after the beginning of widespread introduction of television receivers in masses. You, of course, heard about negative influence of television on the viewer. And here for broadcasting from blue screens none of simple public still does not guess a little pleasant consequences.

No, not for all, of course.

Vranius effectus. This phenomenon was opened by my teacher academician Preobrazhentsev. It turns out when the person lies, on a skull small outgrowths are formed. By the way, you can feel at yourself. In usual life they are almost imperceptible and do not disturb people. The television repeatedly strengthened this effect. Lies all over the country began to lead to emergence in the person of rogous costinistus. Horns kostinisty grew first of all at politicians, announcers and weather forecasters.

Opening was coded at once. Prescribed the academician Preobrazhentsev silence, and in GKB created our department. In half a year we learned to fight against this unpleasant phenomenon. Patients laid down on two-hour operation and pant (so we called small, weak horns) disappeared.

Upon transition of the power to democrats the number of our patients sharply increased. The advertizing flowing from blue windows to the world, variety fonogramshchik besides. The prima donna`s husband is treated every month. And itself, happens, drops in.

But main contingent, of course, people`s deputies. Only thanks to them I built giving on Rublyovka, sent the son to Oxford and married the model Luda from Shepetovka.

And as I love Vladimir Volfovich. Now, however, not the frequent guest became. And happened whether slightly every day ran. All joked:

- You, what thought up Stepanych, ointment. At once would become rich on us.

Yes to me and so it is not bad. The only branch of our medicine developing huge rates. If only only did not cease to lie from TVs. And I anything else am not able to do that. How you think, I will finish to pension or something will change? He, he.

Everything, it is necessary to run. The first patients from the Duma are carried.

- The sister, prepare the operating room. And certainly at once anesthesia. Painfully infectious this vranius effectus.