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What the size of the pocket money given to the child depends on?

for anybody not a secret that parents should give money to the child on pocket expenses today. This requirement which is imposed by life. Giving money, parents teach children to ability to handle money and use pocket money as a tutorial, the child learns to make the decision on purchase, to make the choice, to preserve some sums, to know the price to money.

However many parents are concerned by a question how many to give out to the child to consider his interests, but at the same time not too the American psychologists consider to indulge

that it is necessary to tie the size of pocket expenses to age of the child i.e. if he is 6 years old - 6 dollars a week, 10 years - 10 dollars etc. of

the size of pocket expenses is fixed In Germany legislatively. The child aged till six years has to receive 50 cents a week, 7 - the summer child - 1,5 - 2 euros, 10 - summer - 10 - 12 euros, and from 13 years - already 20 euros, 15 - the summer teenager - 25 - 30 euros a week. For nonpayment parents are threatened by a penalty.

In Russia there is no state regulation of delivery of pocket money to children therefore to judge the size of pocket money rather difficult. There is no official statistics. And there are no recommended sizes too. However, as practice shows, the size of the given money depends on different factors: financial opportunities of parents, that how many money gives out to other children, a maturity of the child, his age., and also common sense and so forth

1. The financial position of parents

For wealthy parents a problem is in to giving too much. For needy - to find though to give something on pocket expenses, without developing an inferiority complex in the child and opening opportunities to earn for the needs.

Though practice shows that often wealthy people do not give to children a lot of money. So, Rockefeller allocated to the children very limited sum that forced children constantly to earn additionally for the needs.

Large sums are received usually by offsprings of the parents belonging to middle class on the level of the income.

As for people with the modest income, you should not go all out that to hold on the son or the daughter to some norms. You give so much how many you can, but surely give! And constantly you encourage the child that he, despite everything, can achieve in life of very much.

2. The size of pocket money depends on a maturity of the child

the child`s Maturity in the relation to money is shown usually that all money which falls of it into hands are not spent in vain: on them something useful is bought, some part is preserved, something is put for the purpose of enhancement.

So, one my acquaintance whose son already few years lives with the grandmother on family circumstances gives to the son the unlimited sum which includes payment of teachers, purchase of clothes, textbooks and it is not enough from above on pleasures. But when she asked whether it has money, the son always says what is, and he makes all calculations with the teachers itself, traces dates of payments and never wastes money.

3. The size of the sums received by peers exerts impact on the size of the given money. Children always know

how many their peers receive from the parents, and want to have as much. If sum falls short to the sizes given to peers it is necessary not to be afraid to explain to the child of complexity of a financial position of a family, having by all means emphasized that it is not reflected in any way in a possibility of the child to construct financially provided life when he becomes an adult. There is a mass of examples in the history when people who had not too provided childhood became millionaires.

4. The common sense in determination of the size of pocket money did not prevent anybody yet. So, if today we are guided by recommendations of the American experts and to tie the sum expressed in our national currency to age of the child, then there will be not enough common sense because, except chewing gum and to accumulate 10 rubles which should be given 10 - to the summer child, of course, too little because on this money the child will not be able to buy anything for weeks for a toy, the simplest of which costs more than 100 rubles, the child just will not be able. Therefore as reasonable it is possible to consider delivery, for example, of 30 rubles a week and if it is necessary more - to suggest to earn.

5. Family problems. In incomplete families or families where parents are too busy with the work, business, career and spend not enough time with children, the sums of the money received by children happen very considerable. Thus, parents try to smooth down the to " wine; before children. But it is the wrong approach. The child needs parental attention and love, but not gifts and money with which parents try to replace it.

It should be noted that the size of pocket has to increase with age and cover some minimum of pleasures according to age inquiries.

Thus how many to give to the child on pocket expenses, parents have to define, proceeding from own life situation. But the main thing, it is necessary to remember that the money given to the child, this tutorial by means of which parents help the child to master all financial skills which will be required to it in adulthood.