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How to get rid of a lack of time at your workers?

the Question of a lack of time are a question a time - management. It is heavy to find the person at whom with it everything is all right. A time - tens of books and trainings from which it is possible to gather the mass of useful information are devoted to a menedzhement. We will try to consider several aspects and to offer the working tools.

Force each employee to estimate importance and to place priorities of each action made by it. It is necessary to estimate from a position - as far as it is important for achievement of the result planned by it. It is absolutely clear that approach has to be total for all employees.

Emergence of the concept lack of time it is connected with a number of the consequences following from this: the employee is not engaged in self-training because it does not have free time, the employee cannot perform additional work, on it and very much everything hung, the employee does not cope with the main work and it needs the assistant. The employee speaks: there is no time. And why it is absent actually? The system administrator has no time? Enter filling of own table into its duties. Why it has no time? Perhaps, because it remakes everything several times? Then it is the low-qualified specialist who needs to be dismissed.

to look what else employees can do, I entered specification on actions. It forces the employee to look at what he does and how many times, to think how to find extra free time.

Analyzing work of the specific employee in real time, I ask questions: why you made it now why this operation was performed quite so, but not differently that could reduce time for execution. Such questions hundreds and they allow to correct work of the employee. Performance of some operations went on a stop watch, and we sorted why 8 minutes, but not 6 were spent. How many time repeats this operation in day and how many exists other operations on which the employee also spends excess 2 minutes. Already there is not less than an hour of free time. If to suggest the employee to fill in the constant map, the employee will begin to think, and is valid whether he made something useful in this short period, and whether it is justified for all 100%? Will set thinking why he 15 times drank coffee and left to smoke 20 times?

Why one employees leave in 18. 00, others not earlier 21. 00? Pay extra to the employees who are late at work, as a rule, for processing. Before entering such practice, check why the employee works longer, than all others. If the employee derives pleasure from process - give it such opportunity. If the employee is not in time, at first carry out work on the organization of his working hours but only after that consider options of expansion of staff and surcharge for overtime .

Once in my company 7 people, then 10 - 12 worked... I was their direct head. Now more than 100 people work under control of directors of two companies. All system of creation of business at first was founded on intuition, and then, at continuous consultation, the scheme of effective management of personnel was developed. Try to introduce everything described in your company, besides, try to introduce it for yourself personally.

Many companies broaden staff of personnel and do not achieve the planned results, and much less companies analyze the amount of time spent by personnel, carry out works on the organization of time and as a result exceed planned targets. To what category you refer yourself? Check!