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Whether it is worth being afraid abnormal winter?

- What happens to weather? - in increasing frequency Russians and inhabitants of Europe ask a question. - Outside the middle of winter, and temperature breaks every day records. In any case, the average temperature of January in the Kaliningrad region makes minus of 3 C, and quite recently, in the afternoon on January 10, stem of thermometer rose to a mark + 13 C. whether

A were such cataclysms earlier?

Official supervision over the nature in Konigsberg began to be carried out more than 7 centuries ago. It is interesting that in distant XIV and XV centuries there is no record that the winter was soft. On the contrary, frosts were always tested people. Here only two certificates: 1322-1323. In Konigsberg extremely cold winter was noted, the Baltic Sea froze, all fruit trees in the gardens " died;. 1362. The winter was severe, dry and very long. The rivers were covered with ice more than three months .

the First mention of warm winter belong to 1506 when pear trees fructified twice. Several years later, in 1532 the warm winter was noted again, in the second half of January plowed fields and worked in the gardens (than not today`s days?) .

Anomaly repeated in 1642 when in January of connection with sharp warming in the city storks appeared. The same picture was observed in 1724,1750, 1779, 1811 and 1823 when air temperature rose to +9,5 C.

But it were exceptions to the rules more likely. So, in 1739-1740 long-term oaks cracked with hard frosts, containers with wine, beer and vinegar froze, there was a big case of a livestock, in the woods - death of roes, in the cities - stray dogs, rats, sparrows and seagulls.

A is noted on January 11, 1849 an unknown frost: temperature fell below minus 35 C. It is, by the way, a cold record of January.

Nearly 100 years ago, winter of 1907-1908 the city was buried in snowdrifts. 175 696 CBM of snow on thousands of carts took out to the country, it cost Konigsberg in 235 367 brands. Air temperature fell below minus 35 C.

Within centuries the Kaliningrad climate was exposed to some changes what the fact that for the last 150 years average annual temperature increased from +6,7 to +7,2 C demonstrates at least to. Coldest month January which average temperature makes minus of 3,2 C is. In the coldest afternoon (by average estimates) it is considered on January 8 when temperature keeps on a mark minus 4,5 C. we Will look at

that happens to weather in a new, 21st century, i.e. the last 6 years. For counting we will take this day, on January 8.

So, in 2002 and in the afternoon, and was +1 C at night, there was a rain.

2003 - at night minus 17 C, in the afternoon - minus 6 C, cloudy.

2004 - at night minus 11 C, in the afternoon - minus 8 C, cloudy.

2005 - at night + 8 C, in the afternoon - + 10 C, cloudy.

2006 - at night minus 12 C, in the afternoon - minus 9 C, cloudy.

2007 - at night + 3 C, in the afternoon - + 7 C, cloudy.

If to compare with 2005, then in present, is even slightly more cool 2007. So special reasons for panic should not be. whether

to us Should expecting bitter cold?

of Cold atmospheric fronts should not be expected soon. At once a little weather " portals; on the Internet, predict that (on January 25) air temperature though will go down to the Tatiana Day, but will make in the afternoon from 2 to 8 degrees with a mark plus, are slightly lower at night, but within plus values.

Is good it or it is bad?

Everything depends on how to treat it. Those who love the real snow winter with frosts and game in snowballs will feel a certain discomfort. But to the people hating a frost, such winter is necessary on temper. As itself to help

if every day you feel broken?

1. Reduce physical activity. It is rather good to air the room in the morning and in the afternoon, it is better to postpone the vacuum cleaner for several days.

2. It is useful to take to a thicket a shower, and to luxuriate in a bathroom even better, having added citrus fragrance to water. It is good even from the psychological point of view - in a bathroom neither flaws, nor the rain drumming in a window are heard.

3. Find more time for preparation of those dishes you most of all are pleasant and successful which. At a table surely there have to be fresh vegetables and fruit.

4. Add light, having replaced bulbs with more powerful, do not save on the electric power, an organism it is possible to deceive and thus.

5. And, at last, remember what hands did not reach earlier - watch before going to bed the favourite movie or read the book. Having plunged into the world of passions of Jane Eyre or Scarlett, you switch off from life all negative emotions connected with weather. And men can enjoy still a time the best goals of the FIFA World Cup in Germany.

will help you to endure These simple receptions abnormally warm winter.