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What is Seven wonders of the world ? The preface of

Each of us in the life heard more than once expression Seven wonders of the world . More than once we asked a question what miracles and why their seven are? We with confidence cannot answer these questions as we know well and we can speak only about existence of one of them - the Egyptian pyramids.

It is considered that wonders of the world were created throughout a huge period from XXX to the 3rd century B.C. Many great events happened during this time - the whole people disappeared from the face of the earth, one civilizations were replaced by others. But art and concept of fine arose long before all this, they accompanied changes and left the mark in religions, outlooks and concepts of beauty at the different people. Severe times, and sometimes and people, heartlessly destroyed monuments fine and thereof from many of them there were only ruins. In the most perfect condition such wonder of the world as the Egyptian pyramids remained. About existence of some of seven wonders of the world we learn from narrations of the Ancient Greek historian - Herodotus. We know about the others from chronicles of ancient Greeks and Romans.

Of course, miracles was much more, than seven, but traditionally allocate seven - they for us were kept by historical data: pyramids of the Egyptian Pharaohs are considered as the first of them and the most ancient miracle, further there are

hanging gardens in Babylon:

Artemis`s temple in the Hilt:

Zeus`s statue in Olympia:

the mausoleum in Galikarnas:

and, at last, the Colossus of Rhodes

and the Lighthouse of Alexandria (on the island Faros).

Why it is considered what wonders of the world everything is was seven? Ancient Greeks attributed to number seven the highest perfection. They considered that this number has magic force and therefore promotes all wellbeing. Seven wonders of the world were sung in verses and prose, scientific antiquities wrote about them. According to all these sources seven wonders of the world were really great works of ancient masters, they blew the mind of contemporaries the monumentalism and beauty.

Now quite often we hear expression This eighth wonder of the world - a hint on desire to adjoin the magnificent seven, but let`s not rewrite history on ours of manners, and we will leave achievements of great cultures in an untouched look for our descendants.