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What do we know about a hardening?

Variable weather, aspiration to be in a last word in fashion and to be absolutely beautiful brought me to visit to a drugstore and purchases of anti-cold preparations more than once. Despite it, I nevertheless continued to be in the fashion and again to come to a drugstore so far somehow, being free, did not come across the book about a healthy lifestyle, and did not find in it chapter devoted to such method of treatment catarrhal and not only catarrhal, diseases as a hardening. And now I will tell a little in more detail about it.

The term hardening designates giving to any substance of properties of bigger hardness. Speaking about a hardening, usually mean organism adaptation to cold, but value of this term is significantly wider. It is necessary to understand as a hardening also increase of resistance of an organism to an adverse effect of high temperature, wind, humidity, etc.

The success of adaptation to cold is provided only if the tempering procedures are carried out systematically - continuously, within months and years. At the same time the gradualness in increase and influences reached by consecutive decrease in the water temperature (air) and increase in duration of procedure has to be observed. Long breaks in a hardening reduce the developed resistance to action of low temperatures. Are undesirable even 2 - 3 - day admissions. After the compelled breaks it is recommended to begin procedures with less intensive influences of cold.

If the person is tempered the first year, then before morzhevaniye he needs to make vigorous warm-up, and to the people swimming over a year, it is not obligatory to do the warming warm-up. Before entering water, it is recommended to moisten a face, hands, legs, a breast, a stomach and a back. Then to plunge up to a neck and to swim for a while a breast stroke, it is strengthened working. Usually walruses are not dipped with the head. The matter is that the head is extremely sensitive to cooling, the put time will be difficult to hold on in an ice-hole. Having finished bathing, at once it is necessary to run across in a locker room and to be wiped quickly by a towel dry.

In the first year bathing duration in winter months should not exceed 25 seconds, for 2 - 3 this procedure can continue about one minute, and only with an experience of 3 - 5 and more years of bathing - to 1,5 - 2 minutes. Are in most cases limited 30 - 60 seconds. In process of water warming up increase duration of bathing. Regulate duration of bathing depending on weather, and also from your preparation. At a morzhevaniye in the coldest winter months it is quite enough to float every other day. In days without bathing to take a shower and douches. In other season 6 times a week are desirable to float (1 day is given to a bath). Walruses with an experience usually and float daily in the winter. However 2 bathings a day cannot be allowed in any way.

It is necessary to train himself not only for short-term strong and sharp coolings, but also for the long, less expressed on force, Holodov influences. The tempering procedures need to be carried out both against the warming muscular warm-up, and in a condition of muscular rest.

Occupation by winter swimming in most cases leads to elimination of the available diseases and their noticeable easing. Promotes increase in vital capacity in lungs, muscular force, to accustoming to various climatic conditions. But, perhaps, the most evident indicator of advantage of a hardening is that people - walruses, statistically, have practically no catarrhal diseases and are not afraid of cold.

Of course, I did not try to climb in an ice-hole in the winter or to bathe in a cold season under the open sky, but I accept a cold shower two times a week and, to admit honestly, is very happy with my state of health - after I began to take a cold shower, the quantity of catarrhal diseases at me decreased three times, besides I became steadier against cold weather.

And in completion, perhaps, the most important: if you have chronic diseases, do not forget to consult at the doctor - whether such procedures will be dangerous to your health?!

You know if all of you decide to do winter swimming or to be tempered in house conditions, then the hardening will become for you the pleasant requirement bringing cheerfulness, spring mood, and the most important soon enough - health.