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How for the first time in life to prepare pigod?

should be Begun, perhaps, with history.

In hard years of fulfillments, gains and conquest the ethnic structure of Northern Kazakhstan was formed. (And also objectionable and just dissidents) and to development of virgin lands only lazy did not give to forced relocation of the people an assessment. Let`s refrain.

I will just note that besides Kazakhs and Russians in this region Germans, Ukrainians and Koreans are widely presented. However, many Germans and adjoined them reunited with the homeland. And, judging by subjects at forums, miss borsch, the Kazakh potato and the Korean salads.

So today I will not tell about specialty pie from stewed meat and gozinaki.

For preparation of a pigoda (an accent on the second syllable) to us needs a mantovarka. Write down words that it did not turn out, as at some visitors of forums - a mantyshnitsa or bigod. Grocery minimum: cabbage (it is better fresh), bulb, pork, vegetable oil, yeast dough, salt, matches.

For professionals it is possible to offer the task of the increased complexity noted by an asterisk. Kamdi - pigod or kamditog. For them dough prepares from starch, it is possible to take ready potato, it is possible to uvarivat rice and to collect the dense weight which is formed from above. As you will be sure that dough turns out, join because a stuffing identical.

Only permit to be indignant with one recipe of a pigoda in a network where about cabbage it is told, I quote, it is possible to add and if you want . On behalf of Koreans and just admirers of the union of pork and cabbage I bring and I show discontent. To cabbage - to be! And yes their URL will disappear. So, we take a right knife.

To cut cabbage with rather short straws, at me it is 4 - 5 cm without ruler. Onions half rings - too it is clear. Here with meat at me the relations therefore I cut to pieces it scrupulously and long. Do not listen to me and just cut cubes of the size of crouton. Parallelepipeds are good too. How many it is necessary stuffings - define, I both times had a search, but it is better, than the engine on a miserable amount. Meat and cabbage let will be equally.

To salt cabbage and to rumple well that it gave juice. If it will be not enough juice, seriously think of courses of massage therapists.

Onions are fried or as speak at us, professionals, we brown to light gilding. We add cabbage and we extinguish, but not to readiness. Probably, it makes sense to mix all stuffing, but I filled from three vessels, separately onions, cabbage and meat. Separately. Yes, I repent, I am not a professional, did not brown, and just dipped one cabbage therefore my capacities three.

Put to be heated water, there was a home straight.

Very responsible stage therefore all diffident people without fail arm, no, not pampers is farther. Rolling pin. Without it at me decent flat cakes do not turn out from the test, and they have to be uniform thickness and raised (in comparison with manti) capacities. Down with compasses and a ruler, all sizes are good. Amicably we mold a pigoda family father, mother, I .

Still it is necessary to consider foolish character of the test which seeks to return itself a former form and thickness. Therefore we do not consider crows, and tightly we close up a design, traditionally leaving a seam from above. Such pie after operation. As the Korean proverb, " says; without windows, without doors though sew zavyazochka .

We grease floors mantovarka oil also we place lodgers. From my kilogram of the test of an empty seat remained a little. We close a cover and we do not disturb them minutes forty - fifty that depends at most fire, a mantovarka structure, and in particular patience.

Tried? Hotly and tasty, but dryishly and, perhaps, it is fresh? Your first time will be even better than mine!

There are several important points. Try to fry slightly all stuffing, since onions and to season with garlic, pepper, a spoon of soy sauce and a coriander (Sanchi - its ground grains). In a mantovarka throw into the boiling water peas of pepper and bay leaf. And surely make sauce!

Take soy sauce, add the coriander fried in oil of red pepper and strew with small cut fresh cilantro. On the fan it is possible to add a drop of vinegar or adjika still. And now include the imagination.

You take hot pigod, you open a seam hands and accurately you pour sauce there, enjoying the moment. And at last, reverentially inhaling, beholding and perceiving this magnificence, you open a mouth that:

With the coming pleasant appetite!