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Whether it is possible to mix alcoholic beverages, or Beer without vodka - money for wind?

Once, in immemorial times, the raznochinny and secular youth invented means for the emergency accustoming to drinking of trustful beauties for the purpose of the further bringing to their low passions. Well, they had such requirement! As noble beauties dared to drink no more glass of champagne, this drink and began to be used in simple game.

A half-glass of vodka, added to the started champagne bottle, quickly gave desirable effect: at young ladies eyes began to shine and to burn cheeks. A moral ban was withdrawn, and young ladies dared not only to drink still, but also many other things that boyfriends so tried to obtain. Such cocktail was beautifully called Polar lights and, sometimes and Polar bear . Because was also Brown bear - champagne with cognac.

Perhaps, such entertainments pleased young men, but to young ladies the next morning had very a rough time: besides a moral loss they were terribly hurt by the head. And not from - for quantities drunk, and from - for its structure.

Well why intoxication from champagne with vodka came even quicker, than from pure vodka, clear. The carbon dioxide which is emitted from champagne irritated a stomach and sharply increased ability of that to soak up alcohol. And alcohol here - not only from champagne, but also from vodka. That quickly went to the head. In this way any carbonated drink so it was almost equally well possible to mix vodka not only with champagne, but also with lemonade works. However, in this case became suspicious - from what the person got drunk with lemonade.

Now on sale there is a lot of everyone gin - " tonics; and rum - a stake in which the same effect works.

But carbon dioxide is half-troubles. At champagne, except 10 - 11% of ethyl alcohol, there is a mass of other alcohols of an aromatic and isomerous series. It is not enough of them, but they are. They in many respects cause a difficult bouquet of champagne.

Practically all these alcohols and aldehydes which are formed of them are alien to a human body. Especially they influence fine fabrics of a brain. When we drink only champagne, our liver right there starts processing of alcohols including alien, and which - as, but copes with them. If in champagne there is at significant amounts an ethyl alcohol, the picture changes - the liver begins to process it first of all. All other alcohols and aldehydes, long time remaining not processed, freely continue the destructive action, and, first of all, in a brain.

Why freely? Yes, it is valid, in a brain there are certain barriers protecting it from invasion of alien substances from blood. But ethyl alcohol possesses ability to temporarily break these barriers, besides, it creates conditions for penetration into tissues of a brain of others, more alien to a brain of molecules.

And the brain does not maintain loading, swells, inflates, presses on the nervous terminations - from here and a headache.

By the same principle also another works national invention - ruff. The classical ruff is when in a mug of good dense beer pour in 30 - 60 ml of good vodka, in such sequence. Beer with the expressed hop smack muffles vodka taste and a smell, drink, in general, is good if to drink no more glass.

But in that is continually that now a ruff call everything that got, and mix of bad beer with bad vodka, and even with moonshine, and mixes without discrimination of wine, beer, vodka and cognac. Also it is drunk without measure. The end can be only one here - in an insensible state on reception to the toxicologist, it is good if not directly to the pathologist.

Well and how damned capitalists, they suppress different mixes too, calling them cocktails, and nothing? In - the first WHAT, at them too the head can bo next morning - bo, and in - the second, they drink much less, than simple and very simple Russian men, and, in - the third, any normal cocktail - it not mix of what got, and the recipe verified by decades from well picked up components.