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How to celebrate christening? Part one, church

of Ur, the kid was born! And after this pleasure we are waited by one more - sacrament of the second, spiritual birth of the person. Sacrament of the Epiphany - a holiday which happens in life only once.

The speech will go about a baptism orthodox here . Of course, it something bigger, than just beautiful ceremony. Parents, that are going to christen the child in Orthodox church, first of all need to know better about belief - from spiritual books or at priests.

It is very important to choose careful, conscientious of Godfathers , or of godfathers . These are people on whose belief christen children. They will answer to God for spiritual education of the godson or goddaughter. On church canons, Godfathers can be only on - to the Orthodox Christian the believer, surely baptized person. Parents cannot be godfathers at the child. And here grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers and sisters quite suit for this honourable position . In principle, the boy needs only the godfather, and the girl - only the godmother. However by long Russian tradition invite both.

At least one week prior to day which you chose it is necessary to agree about a baptism in church. It is very important to get acquainted in advance with the priest who will christen your son or the daughter - if, of course, you are not among his constant parishioners. Ask it how many guests can be called to the baptistery to look at a ceremony whether it is possible to conduct a photo - and video filming; different fathers look at it differently. By the way, it is possible to christen the kid also at home, having invited the priest to itself.

Still you will need to decide with what name will christen the child. A secular and church name of the person not always coincide! For example, such names, habitual for the Russian hearing, as Ruslan or Inna, is not present in the orthodox calendar. In this case, as a rule, choose a name, more or less conformable to secular. Let`s tell, Ruslan - Rostislav; Inna - Ioann. Or the name close according to the calendar to date of birth or baptisms.

Now we prepare baptismal dowry . As a rule, for a ceremony are necessary:

- a cross worn on the neck with a chain. it should not be consecrated the day before - it occurs during the baptism.

- the Big terry towel (it is better than white color). And, it is desirable, new. Will wrap up with it the kid at once after a baptism.

- the White dress for the child. And the more beautifully, the better!!! You should not be over-modest here. If you christen the little son or the daughter in a cold season, then, of course, it is necessary to choose clothes warmer. The main thing - snow-white color. Attention: in this beauty you dress up the kid already of after how his priest redeems . And before the child can be dressed as usual.

- Small bag. It is required to put a small lock of hair of the child which the father will cut off as a sign of the first victim Bogu. It will be a family relic.

- the Children`s blanket. For kids till two years: it is good to put it on a table for swaddling (in the baptistery it has to be) that was where with comfort to change clothes of the hero of the occasion. And when it is cold - just to warm the child after a font.

Also it is necessary to take with itself the birth certificate of the kid and documents of one of parents. Besides, to the Godfather or the godmother during commission of a ceremony it is necessary to say the Creed (in popular speech this is molitvunazyvat I Believe ) . And if they do not know it by heart, then it is better to prepare and take with themselves in church a sheet of paper with this text.

Being going to church, do not forget the crosses worn on the neck. The godmother of mother has to have soft (without lipstick) a make-up, modest clothes (the skirt is better - but do not pass! - than the trouser suit), the covered head

the ceremony lasts about 45 minutes. Make it usually in the baptistery - the special small and warm room at church. Church employees always surely heat water in a font, as for a usual children`s bathtub. Be not afraid to entrust the child to the father for immersion in a font - priests do it very carefully. Parents and godfathers do not need to fuss and be nervous at all; if you are quiet, then and the kid, most likely, will not have a little cry. Though some orthodox people have a belief that crying of the kid at a baptism - very much even a happy sign!