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Where real men disappeared? A man`s look of

Quite often in various articles and on dating sites cries of compatriots are heard: Where you, real men, knights? For a start it would be desirable to be defined with the concept real muzhchinstvo . Neither in Brockhaus and Efron`s encyclopedia, nor you, naturally, will find the answer to this question in the Big Soviet Encyclopedia. Well, I will try to look at us, men, the woman`s eyes.

Speak, the first impression about the person - the most true. Representatives of opposite sexes always - even on the run, in crowd, in transport and shop - dart at each other the estimating glances. So can draw a look and attention of the woman first of all? Slim, sports figure? Yes. With taste the picked-up clothes and footwear? Of course. Expensive watch on a hand and the foreign car - signs of the high income? Undoubtedly. But here the newcomer " drives up to the sidewalk; Rolls - Royce it leaves the slender, burning brunette in a smart suit and shoes polished to mirror gloss, and, addressing the nice woman hurrying somewhere, carelessly throws: Hey, the child, sit down to me, I will make to you well!. Gloss grew dim, macho turns in freak and if near at hand the woman there is no bucket of slops, she will pour over the impudent fellow at least cold contempt with addition of hot expressions. And here ordinary-looking in appearance, the growing stout, growing bald and unshaven little man in shabby jeans who held a heavy door in a front door or gave way in the tram will receive at least thanks and a lovely smile of the fairy in a makeweight.

Means, real nastoyashchest everything begins not with external, and with an internal luster, that is with politeness. And politeness is a product of education. Without setting the task to write the treatise about education, I will dare to pay attention to one aspect only.

I think, you observed such picture more than once: the young mummy covered with bags and packages enters the crowded car of the subway, the tram or the bus, pulling along the child of years so two - three - five. Certainly, there is a kind soul who is giving way. And, having thanked, mummy seats on a chair the child! Itself at the same time hangs over it with all the trunks. What in the car (the bus, the tram) at the same time becomes on one adult (sometimes tall) more closely - it is still it does not matter. The trouble is that the child gets used to similar situation. You put its one, second time (certainly, for the best!) and it developed a conditioned reflex, as at Pavlov`s dog. There is an empty seat - it has to occupy it. No matter, that nearby mother or the grandmother hangs - especially it is not important if it is strangers mother or the grandmother.

And here, you come into public transport, and there - sixteen - twenty-year-old youths crept away in chairs, akseleratsky legs are scattered on all pass You think, they sometime will ripen also realize? It is unlikely. The conditioned reflex will not give. Strangely enough, but this reflex works also at conscription: became not just fashionable, and vital to otkosit NOT to GUARD the Homeland. You still are surprised where it knights were gone? And why to be a knight if under a mother`s skirt so warmly and comfortably?

Finally, for those who do not agree with my arguments and conclusions I want to remind: one of word " synonyms; courage - Firmness ; any woman always appreciates such quality as constancy in the man; and the bed the woman wants to share everything - with the STANDING man (an accent you can put to the taste both on the first, and on the second syllable - the essence from it will not change); and, at last, hussars what whose bravery is a century a courage symbol, drink STANDING UP for women!