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How increase nails?

we are obliged by Nail extension to the stomatologist. Thanks to Max Pilatesku at a boundary 70 - x - 80 - x years of the XX century the world learned that between a seal and nail extension much in common. by

Before imposing of material carries out subdrying and a primer of a natural surface of tooth or nail, then the master mixes white powder with special liquid, and at interaction of catalysts of these substances there is a hardening.

So there was acrylic a building.

Technologies do not stand still. After acryle invented three more types of building: gel, silk with fayberglassy and powder with glue.

Gels are polymers which are imposed on nails and stiffen in ultraviolet rays. It is important that the ultra-violet lamp in salon changed at least once a year, otherwise its power decreases, and brand new nails will be weak. Then you will be surprised why they so quickly fell off?! And just at the master to a lamp four years!

Council one - choose well proved salon which already for reasons of prestige will not dare to save on the reputation.

Silk and fayberglass are used in a case when the patient`s nail, very short, is broken off to " meat; also the tips cannot use - an artificial plastic form - on which gel or acryle are imposed.

In that case on a nail impose a silk piece, and then from two parties - gel or fayberglass (special fiber glass). For the master this work more difficult and scrupulous, than building by gel or acryle, and a shape of a nail it is necessary to cut in addition.

It is very simple in work and does not demand special training of the master a way of nail extension by means of powder and glue : glue is poured, powder, again glue, again powder is filled All this spryskivatsya glue - the activator - and the nail is ready. However, it still should be sawn round for giving of a form.

This type of building is pleasant to some masters for simplicity of execution, but the majority admits insufficiently professional.

Gel or acryle?

prejudice that nail extension - is sick and harmful Developed, the nails will not grow For council I addressed the master of one of beauty shops Inna Topchy:

- Many consider this procedure harmful and painful...

- Earlier really quite often cut a nail so that it caused pain. Now the professional will only grind a surface of a nail plate, is perfect it without damaging. Building - procedure absolutely painless and even pleasant (if it is carried out by the professional). And the fact that the nails grow confirms need of correction (approximately time in three weeks, depending on growth rate).

- Speak, the increased nails can turn yellow under the sun or in a sunbed? - Is not present

if acryle contains ultra-violet inhibitor - substance thanks to which nails do not turn yellow. With such nails it is possible to sunbathe quietly in a sunbed, and in a disco nails will mysteriously shine in ultraviolet rays.

- How nails with spangles become?

- spangles, besides increasing material durability can be added To transparent acryle. But to fans of translucent varnishes and people emotional to which spangles can quickly bother I would advise to choose opaque nails.

- What it is better to choose - acryle or gel?

- If to take durability of acryle for 100%, then gel - 75%. But if acryle, then usually " breaks; at the roots that is rather painful, and gel breaks more delicately. However, if work is performed professionally, the nail breaks seldom: the increased nail is 30 times stronger than natural. And, above all - it always looks faultlessly.

Criterion of skill

By the way, professional building has to correspond to certain rules concerning a form.

Inna - the participant of many Russian and international competitions neyl - design. She told by what criteria professionalism of competitive works is estimated.

In - the first, the arc-shaped bend of free edge is estimated. It means that the nail has to be not flat, but gracefully curved. The bend is more - the skill is higher.

In - the second, in the " profile; it has to be almond-shaped and reinforced in to the stressful zone where the break is most probable. This rise has to be smooth and to a root to come to naught - so that it was not noticeable where gel or acryle reaches a limit and the nail plate begins. " Sausage; - the thickening around a root and a cuticle - says about scandalous poverty of training of the master.

At last, the master has to lay out gel or acryle without additional trimming and alignment, without mistakes, saving the client`s time.