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How to behave in a toilet?

the Toilet are very dangerous place. In many clinics it is not accepted to close a toilet door on a hook, how many happened cases when heart attack overtook the person in the most improper time. Rumors (and the smoke without fire does not happen) go that the death overtook in a toilet and the king fate - N - Elvis Presley`s beater, both the classic of sortirny poetry Barkov, and even Catherine the Great. And quite recently in a toilet of one of the London hospitals died 36 - the summer actress Christina Parodi, and the body it was found only in 12 hours.

So, governed:

Before to come into a toilet, think whether you will be able to leave it. One aged resident of Vienna, escaping from huliganstvuyushchy teenagers, dropped in in a plastic cabin of a street toilet. On its trouble hooligans turned a cabin a door down and left. It was necessary to lie to the poor fellow in a close and fragrant cabin even 80 hours before it managed to be heard. And the heat, by the way, reached at this time 30 degrees.

Try to pay special attention, where exactly there is a toilet to which you go. Recently two Germans from Frankfurt in drunk waste in search of a toilet got into the first plane, and were taken from it already in Moscow. The most amusing that they also were not going to fly - that anywhere. Twist of fate.

Being in a toilet on the plane, at first get up from a familiar spot, and then press the water discharge mechanism. One citizen who is transferred from Oslo to New - York, made on the contrary. As a result the powerful system of vacuum cleaning prisosat its loin to a toilet bowl, and could release it only after landing.

And in general, on the plane attentively listen to instructions of the stewardess, otherwise you do not learn when you can go to a toilet and when it is impossible. One U.S. citizen ignored the direct instruction and went to a toilet in 25 minutes prior to landing. Its actions regarded as terrorist. Now he needs to hope only for dexterity of the lawyer because charge provides imprisonment till 20 years.

Be especially careful in a wooden nuzhnik. The Romanian police officer under a body weight failed in a wooden cabin of the toilet which is near a favourite pothouse from - for what could not get on appointment to the bride. Besides, the owner of a toilet demanded from the loser to compensate the cost of destructions.

do not pour out acid in a cesspool as it was made by one of residents of Ufa. From the hydrogen sulfide emitted as a result of reaction the family of three people died in a few minutes.

you do not go to a toilet with the loaded gun, do not assimilate to the resident Leyk - City in Florida. It incidentally dropped the weapon in a toilet bowl, from blow the gun shot and shot to the hostess a buttock.

do not play with fire in toilets, these jokes are silly and indecent! One merrily company in the Czech Republic for fun poured over a toilet cabin in which at this moment there was one of drinking companions, gasoline, and set fire. Alas, their friend did not understand a joke, and died from burns. Even it is dangerous to throw under himself the burning matches into a hole of an outdoor toilet too.

you Watch the jaws. One elderly English lady dropped the jaw in a toilet bowl, and addressed to the water company. After a while the answer was received that loss was. However among twelve dentures found on the specified sewerage site, the victim could not identify the.

Safe to you simplification!