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Whether it is possible to make wine from dandelions? The famous American fantast Ray Bradbury has

the amazing story Wine from dandelions . It does not give the recipe of preparation of wine, but from this grass it is possible to prepare many dishes, tasty and useful to health.

A dandelion nearly the first plant which appears with the first warm spring beams of the sun. It is a well of minerals: iron, calcium, phosphorus and even protein. All this is necessary for a human body, especially after hibernation and avitaminosis.

Wine too, in principle, from it can be cooked, but about it a bit later.

First of all it should be noted a dandelion as foodstuff though, probably, in this quality it was used only by Neanderthal men. Even countrymen of our time do not appreciate it.

Young leaves can be used for the first spring vitamin salad. However, for removal of bitterness it is necessary to soak them 20 minutes in salty water or to dip into boiled water for 1 - 2 minutes. As a last resort, to take hour in the dark damp place.

Old leaves and unblown flower buds can be pickled as capers. And to fry radical sockets as vegetable cutlets - both in fat, and in batter.

Fried ground roots of a plant are used as a coffee substitute. And integral boiled and fried in fat are additives to the first and second courses.

But the most valuable product is a honey from a dandelion. Say (though I recommend to consult at doctors) that it helps to cure osteochondrosis, arthritis and other deposits of salts in joints.

For preparation of this honey dandelions should be collected not closer than for 70 meters from the highway. And it is necessary to bring together them during the first mass blossoming.

To prepare 1 liter of honey, it is required to break 350 heads of dandelions together with the green basis in the form of a basket. To cut off small stalks and to wash out flowers. To pour them into 1 liter of cold water, to bring to boiling and to cook on slow fire one hour. To filter, and to pour kilogram of sugar into the turned-out green broth, to bring to boiling and to cook hour on slow fire. In 15 minutes prior to the end of cooking to pour in juice of one lemon in broth. To allow honey to be defended till next morning. by

uses it on 1 teaspoon three times a day. However girls are forbidden to accept it till 16 years, and to boys - to 19 as till this time still formation of bones of a young organism did not end.

And wine from dandelions It is as simple as wine from any " fruit; that is known in the people plodovo - berry . For an example it is possible to give the recipe of wine from a dogrose, but it is even better from lime color:

3 handfuls of lime color to trouble in the syrup welded from kilogram of sugar and 4 liters of water, to Add one lemon cut by circles without dried peel and without grains. To pour this mix then in a large bottle for fermentation and to sustain as it is necessary, under a water lock. Farther on technology.

However, it is possible and to experiment with grass and fruit additives. And find a compounding of preparation of a domestic wine in the Internet.

If at you everything turns out, you to taste and pleasure will reach the level of fantastic drink of Ray Bradbury - wine from dandelions .