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Sport or physical culture: let`s try to compare?

twenty years ago obliging memory throws repeatedly passed school campaigns to the pool, ranks of horizontal bars on an athletic field before any technical training college respecting itself, cross-countries and ski runnings before the Soviet holidays, and not only. Where all this now? And anywhere. Now simple in fact actions cost these for compatriots, most often, of a quantity of money (the pool, a gym, a ski resort), and athletic fields found the rest in scrap metal yards long ago. Only what stands behind all this?

If to descend and listen to about what annoyingly broadcasts advanced a party (in advertizing and other mass media it is more and more veiled, but at desire it is possible to make out), it is possible to realize with surprise that it is about two absolutely opposite things: strengthening of own health and the same in parallel happening its destruction. The most grotesque example - all those people who since morning exhaust themselves in Spa - salons and fitness - clubs, and in the second half of day light in cafe - restaurants and clubs of other sort, so exhausting itself with a gluttony, dances, alcohol and still which - than pozapretny. The cycles are repeated, the desert grows and health or there spirituality - becomes less and less. It is necessary to stimulate itself even more and who knows as far as who will have enough resource which is released by the nature?

Someone can on this soil to leave in sport in its modern vulgar understanding (not a profession and business, but some kind of skillfully imposed dependence together with a certain perfumery scale, brands of cars etc.) . To buy mountain skiing or advanced the bicycle (and even the SUV with a set of rods in addition) to resemble a kallanetika or even meditative tennis .

It is remembered, someone from philosophers of the seventieth assimilated modern athletes to Saints of the first centuries of Christianity which are broken off at stadiums by crowd as lions on the arena of the Colosseum. Well, possibilities of television and the Internet can break off not on pieces even, and on quanta of information and gigabytes of rumors, and then to distribute to us in to especially cynical " form;. And we, naive, will think that we became involved in great and absorbed in ourselves its force. Without remembering wearisome trainings, injuries, diseases of immunity and kostno - muscular system - in what the professional athlete pays for short, in fact, sidereal clock, in mind recalculating the fees of professionals on the " type; there live people and treating doping scandals as to problems of the driver and road inspector. The teacher Yoda with Darth Vader can have a rest But for some reason very little who will remember

physical culture. That it is simply part of culture - that is, the experience of the previous generations by the subsequent which is saved up and passed on for the good, built in a certain system - as writing, classical literature, canons of town planning or hygiene of own body. And it is strange - louses or, in the name of God, we despise itch, we are afraid and we consider as attribute pariyev (in other words - bums and prisoners of war), and here to own ontologically real body (and it is 80% us, and in general great Hippocrates considered that the brain only develops snivels) we try to treat as an average between the car (to polish cellulitis and other tuning), a garbage can (a clearing of slags) and the computer (Spa - an upgrade and blowing of dust during week-end). It is clear, that such world outlook system will reproduce patients to fool them in attempts to find the lost harmony (as tourism at all the it is monetary - tries to become advertizing power a pilgrimage substitute), and to further take away us in an alienation jungle from all natural.

The alienation culmination - an abbreviation sport - the bar the most powerful semantic coordination of soccer (occasionally - boxing) with beer consumption. You know, I am periodically asked about the mysterious psychothrone weapon, zombiing and other mental delicacies . And I usually refer to Schopenhauer who warned that devils do not go begging with horns, and fools - in caps with jingles.

And once the relationship of soul and a body was (in the winter - fisticuffs, in the spring - a vskopka of a kitchen garden, in the summer - a haymaking, in the fall - preparation of firewood), and it was impossible without elementary physical qualities. Not having them was not just physically unprepared and often sick, but also clumsy that was for those times a terrible insult. And now ours force, dexterity, endurance and speed from generation to generation become more and more unnecessary and false.

Mobile communication, hard liquors and stimulators, the unlimited Internet, the car as continuation of the scheme of a body what else is necessary for the modern person??? - modern Abdullah from a mental underworld tries to inform our internal Vereshchagin. And if it does not become offensive for us for the body and health as for that power - sooner or later it is necessary to remember not that health of own children and not attacked by us it is premature, without having waited for an old age, the policlinics and which are cut off once and horizontal bars and a football goal which are handed over by us in collection points for metal scrap at schools and in the yards