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Why Indians on a wedding are given the grandmother?

- You represent, I on Curonian Spit today (it in the most western Russian area - Yu. M. primas) saw the most real wigwam! - somehow the friend dumbfounded me.

- And you are a lot of before that, hm, it was warmed?

- Yes you that, I driving! There was it, darling, among pines, and around it people similar to Indians went.

- So you would approach closer, would ask them on life - life

- Aha what I went off the rails? And suddenly they the real, these Indians, but not the mirage

- Yes is ours was type, - the resident of Kaliningrad Nika S. confirmed several months later in our conversation - We sometimes come out to the spit and we develop this figurative dwelling of North American Indians. The usual tent of conical shape covered with bizony or cervine skins. Very practical thing: acts for half an hour. And here on statement much more time leaves.

- And from where it at you?

- From America. Indians presented. I at them, by the way, in total lived three months. Such feeling that on other planet got.

What it is this unknown planet? Nika also told us about it.

Many inhabitants have a permanent idea of what Indians remained so a little today that can be counted on fingers. Also they live supposedly only in reservations which the American cops protect. Actually only in North America there are today 255 Indian languages in which these original people communicate. And where as it is more died-out languages!

In a word, as two identical Chinese are absent, so two identical Indians are absent also. For example, 10 years ago the UN included 194 countries of the world, and Indian tribes much more. And they, we want that or not, invisibly are present at each European house.

We do not even suspect that throughout already several centuries we use that we gave to the world these hardworking tribes. Now, which - who quite seriously considers that Belarus is considered the homeland of potatoes. This delusion: Indians widely cultivated it several millennia prior to N. aa. To Europe it was for the first time delivered in 1565 by the Spanish seamen.

Or we will take such food, popular among youth, for having a snack as popcorn and chips. They too were introduced in the diet by Indians for the first time. And pumpkin, tomatoes, sunflower sunflower seeds? In the south of Russia it is impossible to imagine a rural landscape without huge golden hats of sunflower. But this plant came to us only in 1829.

By the way, the idea to grow up corn in the USSR arose at Nikita Khrushchev right after a trip to America. Today Indians cultivate up to 200 grades of this plant. I was treated with flat cake from corn Xing - gray color. As looked at it, it became slightly bad not, appear, it lay one or one and a half weeks, " color; gathered . But on taste very much it was pleasant.

And hamburgers from bizony meat practically differ in nothing from beef. By the way, when Indians decided to open prairies and were engaged in cultivation of cows, they were very quickly convinced that the grass of prairies is intended only for bisons. Cows on it just did not survive

of Tradition of all 255 tribes and nationalities very strongly differ from each other. Someone under the influence of a civilization adopted something from it, others firmly adhere to way and customs of far ancestors. I lived in a family of Indians of a community pokagon the potavatoma people. On spirit traditions of tribes of the comanche are close to me.

Most of all I liked traditions of an Indian wedding. It at us is accepted that on number of weddings and stains is approximately at one level, that is the husband with the wife lived a little bit and ran up in different directions. To look for a new guinea pig. And at Indians everything is much more serious. Stains can be counted on fingers. Also you know why? The matter is that one of the main gifts on a wedding to newlyweds - the old grandmother!

- My God, and it is that what for?

- As what for? At the beginning joint life is the most real stick - a lifesaver! What main motives for dismantling happen in young families? You to me refuse to wash socks? How you think, and the dog would begin to eat what you prepared? You vacuumed a carpet so that in it the vacuum cleaner with you in addition could hide!

And in these Indian families reefs life just does not exist. The grandmother, as a rule, prepares better the chief - cooks of the best restaurant, darns socks so that it is with the naked eye not visible and to arrival of young people everything in the house shines purity and a whiteness!

In several years when couple firmly gets on feet, the grandmother is given to the following newly married or newly married. And so around

And why not to adopt it at us in Russia? Not each mother-in-law will agree to wash to you socks! Besides one more plus: the need in nursing homes would disappear. And if the grandmother did not please with something, there will always be on her applicants from among younger family members. And then, who better than the grandmother can roast sunflower sunflower seeds? You come home, and idle to yourself...