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How to be prepared for examination effortlessly ?

The Doctrine - light, not the doctrine - darkness - popular wisdom says. And how it is correct to organize preparation for examination of any complexity? How to achieve the maximum result, and at the same time not to drown in mad flows of information. Receive the instruction! Some councils will seem paradoxical and even slipshod character, but practice showed their efficiency. They just consider the fact that excessive efforts and tension, as a rule, lead to negative result. So, with what to begin?

1. The psychology Is felt by

some fear of the forthcoming examination and large volume of information. This fear in noticeable degree can paralyze all efforts however fruitful they seemed.

What to do? In - the first, auto-training. At all its external simplicity this powerful weapon, which simply a sin not to use. Take yourself for the rule every time when an opportunity is presented to it, to use such positive statements: my confidence in the forces increases day by day; every day I become cleverer and cleverer or something like that. Show the imagination!

Further. Before going to bed visualize how you successfully take examination as you gain the diploma necessary to you

2. A smell

we will not ignore this instrument of the help to our intelligence. During occupations spray a lemon smell. It seems everything is simple, but Japanese proved that it for 20% increases power of intelligence. It is a lot of, truly?

3. The schedule of occupations

Classification even if conditional, nevertheless it is extremely desirable. If you read everything, then in the head everything will be mixed. That is, it is impossible to study uniform material too long. The second is that the person on something can keep attention within 40 minutes. The attention maximum during occupations is reached in 20 minutes after the beginning of occupations. Psychologists established that the optimum size of class period - 30 minutes.

Therefore I offer the following schedule of occupations.

First series: 30 minutes of occupations - 3 minutes of a break - 30 minutes of occupations - 5 minutes of a break - 30 minutes of occupations - 10 minutes of a break - 30 minutes of occupations - 5 minutes of a break - 30 minutes of occupations - 3 minutes of a break - - having rummaged 30 minutes of occupations not less than an hour.

the Second series - too most, only breaks double, the third - three times etc.

Now about breaks. Breaks should not be connected with study in any way. Physical exercises, entertainments with a pet Derivation maximum! Big breaks are the most effective if they are used for a dream. By the way, about a sleep debt too the speech cannot be.

4. Repetition Even the most interesting material, the brightest images in three days begin to be erased by

if they, of course, did not cause a strong emotional shock or at least impression. I do not think that the training material is capable of it. Therefore, in 10 minutes after studying of a subject, the paragraph, the section desire to repeat passed. Storing level sharply increases. Make one more repetition approximately in a day - two. And each subsequent repetition has to be shorter than previous.

I cannot give you full confidence that you will forget nothing at examination. I guarantee one - all these councils anyway sharply increase success of preparation for examination of any complexity!