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On what decisions wellbeing depends?

Your wellbeing depends on your own decisions .

(John Rockefeller.)

Greed for money - the most right means not to achieve money. But if you serve for the sake of the service, for the sake of satisfaction which is given by consciousness of correctness of business, then money by itself appears much .

Henry Ford to

About money, more precisely about someone else`s income, loudly it is not accepted to tell. It is indecent to count money in others pocket, it is similar to peeping at a keyhole. And all secretly accepted this condition. But on the question What do you know about financial freedom? reaction is the most different: someone vaguely shrugs shoulders (in sense Unless it is possible? ), some laugh the matter off ( Money the more the better ), and completely deny ( I and money are not compatible ) someone tries to avoid conversation - too sensitive issue.

But many with ecstasy infinite soap operas about already Russian dream are watched: at last the fallen-down wealth, jaundiced exclusive foreign cars in a steam of cars are watched leave and hatred to taken place is cultivated in soul (read: well-founded) to people.

What can promote to pay attention to own finance, but not to worry about strangers?

1. Change of marital status. Sometimes stressful. Divorce, for example, with the obligatory section of property. We do not consider creation of a family: the step is serious, and hope together and mountains on a shoulder inspires to a fatal list. If after it wellbeing of a family is understood differently and happiness is measured by amount of the satisfied requirements, then watch the beginning of point. And all depends on that, you are going to write down after the incident yourself in category of losers ( The best years are given, life passed ) or to become the happy person, despite the optimistic forecast of the former half: In yours - at that age, we will look - we will look . Brains in the second case join in the autonomous mode.

2. You watch how drudge life others , being hardly interrupted, choking with gloomy debts and on the polite question How are you doing? answer with the detailed list of the disorders and problems at relatives. Something there is no wish to join their ranks.

3. Suddenly catch sight to of history of successful people , made the fortune independently. And their starting capital was rather modest. At best several tens dollars. Inspiration: Maybe it is worth trying also to me . And healthy passion gives unknown confidence in own forces.

4. You got out of the next scrape also understood that rescued you ability to be beyond offered, a behavior non-standard. The stereotype of thinking exchanged , and you in a new way realized the jammed saying that risk - a noble cause, more precisely a reverse side of good luck. And unless the financial success is not followed by risk?

5. The opportunities provided by our time where is wider than our parents, i.e. the generation hoping for the state have more, than on themselves, and at the same time made all feasible for us. Unless they thought of own prosperity? It is time to meet their expectations.

6. Our children . Instead of infinite maxims of the " type; Study, always you will manage to take the broom in hand to set a worthy example: to make own financial plan (literatures, the websites - weight) and it is accurate to it to follow, having shown to the offspring unknown endurance and self-discipline.

7. And most important that is infinitely capable to inspire us, - DREAM. Is told and written about its wonderful force much. Not deprivations and difficulties force us to move forward, and a fair idea of an award for the efforts. And if the feeling " is familiar to you; Here it! Came true! rather simple understanding: So will be and from now on! In a different way life is not perceived any more.

Everything once again will seem to someone not easy. But freedom It costs our efforts. Dare and everything will turn out!