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Why the laughter is necessary? Whether

we Reflect sometime, c not stop modulating laughter that there it in us occurs? And why suddenly at one laughter it is similar to neighing, at another to bleating, and at the third - to dog bark?

Where there! We laugh to ourselves and we laugh, and we will also continue to laugh all life. And it very much is even good. Because the laughter whatever it was does the person healthier, more vigorous and is more hardy. Not without reason say that the laughter prolongs life.

It appears, our laughter is directly connected with anything other, as with respiratory function of an organism. When we laugh, our breath on a breath becomes deeper and long, and on an exhalation - short and frequent. At the same time our lungs manage as much as possible to be devastated that is very useful as air exchange happens 4 times quicker at this time, than usually. But there is more to come. During a fit of laughter (even the most foolish) work of a brain is sped up, the potentiality raises, and the immune system begins to produce the hormones, most useful to an organism, and to suppress negative processes (fatigue, indispositions, stresses) if those are available.

As children often laugh! They do it easily and easy. They laugh when they wake up in the morning when mother or the father when the sun when the rain begins looks out comes. When I see and I hear how my daughter laughs, I conceal from affection, pleasure and love. On statistics (and it - that knows everything!) children smile 400 times a day and 150 times laugh. Adults smile on average 15 times a day, and only 6 times laugh. Follow an example of children!

You can tell that children have very much fun because they have no your problems. Yes, it is. But who teaches the child to laugh who provokes at him this carefree laughter? As a rule, adult or elder brothers - sisters. The baby still lies in a carriage, and relatives already incline over him, build grimaces, goggle, put out the tongue - and all in order that the native child did not cry, and smiled. Thus they cultivate ability to laugh in the child. At the correct approach such joyful perception can be died in culture of goodwill and optimism. And the latest researches by means of ultrasound showed that the person can laugh, even without having been born yet.

By the way, the fact that at representatives of strong and weak (conditionally weak) floor indicators " is interesting; smekhotvorchestvo different. At the laughing men of fluctuation of air in a throat happen to speed of 280 vibrations a minute, and at women almost twice quicker - 500 vibrations a minute. Besides, the statistics claims, girls in general laugh twice more often than men, practically any minute can not only smile, but also burst out laughing with all the heart. Guys probably remember since the childhood that is more useless them to show strong emotions - to cry, for example, or to laugh loudly from ear to ear (I do not agree with these installations, but they are). Therefore they usually just answer a smile or support female laughter.

However if the girl in response to the fun sees a pious expression of the interlocutor, it is equivalent to a sentence or condemnation. So laughter - it is not simple hi - hi or ha - ha it is some kind of policy and diplomacy.

Clever psychologists teach us to look at the life as to foreigners from outside. And then the pessimistic perception will be replaced with a happy smile and ringing laughter. Here listen to Zadornov`s concerts - as he is able to find ridiculous in our everyday life! I just admire. We do not notice many cheerful moments of our life until to us point to them. Here it would be logical to write several jokes or the same Zadornov`s statements, but I it will not do, at everyone the perception of humour. Anyway, even if you were told old or not especially ridiculous joke, at least just smile! For the sake of, darling!