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whether it is possible to describe love by means of Taro?

Colour of Bowls are always born to us by emotional aspect, and it is natural, it shows all nuances of love. It is possible to tell, it color, responsible for love. If to consider it one after another, from the Ace to ten, then completely passable way of love, including love, the birth of children, marriage crises turns out.

An ace - the first impulse. Probably, each of you remembers that moment when simple contact of sleeves caused a storm of emotions. The subject of desire could not guess that from - for it do not sleep nights, cannot answer at a board, constantly reddening and faltering. All this energy of the Ace of Bowls. The very first feeling, feeling to - love, the first understanding that something occurred in soul something moved. At this stage we only take courage to admit about the love, and we worry as we will be understood whether it is correct . But also the same card carries us on Wings of love and inspiration. On it the finest lyrics, those wonderful verses on love which forever leave a mark in soul even of strangers are written.

At a two stage two already know about love. It is the card of reciprocity of feelings when both partners are in love and are eager for continuation of the relations. This card of love, yet not love, no, love when both partners seem each other ideal, and do not see still each other shortcomings. Everything is fine and cloudless on this card. On it it is reported about engagement, and marriages consist. It is the card of harmony and mutual understanding. The whole world, apparently, rotates around you, and you do not see and do not hear anybody around. It is the card of harmony and cloudlessness.

The two of Bowls is succeeded by the three. These are the first months after a marriage. On it children often are born, people grow roots and get used to each other, equip the own dwelling. Everything occurs on enthusiasm, everything optimistically and bears confidence in tomorrow. It seems that everything will be always so, remarkably and cloudlessly. Gradually the family expands, some property profits (though it will belong more to color pentaglue, but, nevertheless, in the three of bowls, it slips). People are happy and quiet. It is the card of happiness and harmony. But the odd number (3) already bears some vzbudorazhennost, there is a wish bigger as the result goes satiation on the end of study of this three. The person received everything that he wanted, he does not know that still to wish it. There is a family, darling, children, material welfare.

And to the person it becomes boring. It begins to work the four of Bowls. The person begins to reflect whether and he received everything why to it all this and whether in general he wanted it. The disappointment as the first crisis will come a bit later (to 5 bowls) for now he just longs and thinks whether correctly there is his life and whether he wants continuation such marmeladno - chocolate life. At the level of this card there is no wish for anything except rest (the four the card of a respite, before something solving at all), there is a wish to sit alone and just to think. And the object of love does not seem such unearthly any more, there is it the same person, with the shortcomings and cockroaches . And children bring already not so much pleasures how many at the first moment. Well the person was tired, and arise the first negative thoughts in his head. Life, still presents some pleasures, but it is not necessary to the person any more, he thinks of the future and analyzes the passable life stage. More and more he is disappointed in how the last years of life were lived.

Here energy of the five of bowls joins. At this stage of people completely is disappointed in the lived stage, it is pleased by neither the partner, nor children, nothing. It is the card of the first crisis of marriage, most often young families and break up at this stage, a stage of study of the five of bowls. Very often the disappointment brings a depression from which an exit, an exit urgent and radical is necessary. The person needs pleasure, prospect of the future, without it it is just impossible to exist. But so far the person does not see an exit from developed situations, especially if he does not want to tear up to the end all communications with the family or cannot for some reason.

And the person begins to remember the cloudless childhood when everything was so iridescent. He remembers the first love, that boy or the little girl from kindergarten which so was pleasant, and it seemed that here he or she and will be a husband or the wife on for the rest of the life. Each of us has such memoirs. So the six of bowls proves. All these memoirs are given rise by thought of search of that ideal life which seemed, was at an ace stage, but it was deception. Someone comes back to an ace stage, without having worked completely color of bowls, and someone goes further, in the same relations. Sometimes the six of bowls is shown as emergence of new love, most often Platonic (so far), love as a hobby, outlets in gray daily occurrence of everyday life, getting out of energy of the five of bowls, bypassing a depression which is born by the five.

The choice, between already acquired, old family, children becomes the following stage of the relations before the person, what is acquired for many years and, generally, that and is a pity to throw it and before new prospects which for it were prepared by the seven of bowls. On energy of this card most often there are also changes and full withdrawal from a family. It is the card of the second crisis of marriage when the person rushes behind sometimes himerny happiness, forgetting about everything. Here he has everything again and can choose that really it is necessary to it and is expensive. It can have everything, main to make a right choice. But on the same card, the end of its study there is also a new satiation. The person even more often remembers the last family, there begins to pull him. To the darling, now it seems to a postoyannost which once seemed a routine dullness and stability.

And the person leaves from all himerny benefits which were presented to him by destiny and with the bent head, goes behind searches of happiness, to the old family again. This way is difficult, it passes on a thin footpath which already almost and is not visible, but the clue conducts it back. That waits for it, he does not know. Whether the family back will accept it or will send to free swimming, it is unknown. But it comes back as that is demanded by the eight of Bowls. On this card there is a return to an old family and leaving from even more tempting offers.

And houses it is already waited by the laid table and that stability which so was not enough from the four of bowls. The person understands that wellbeing was near always, just he did not see it. Happiness, it when is the center on which the food, children who so waited for it, the wife or the husband who did not lose thought of his return is cooked. There is also a return not such terrible as it seemed on study of the last card. Come, confess and again you will become the center of the Universe, and all will be glad to you. Because the true love such piece, it forgives and forgets. She is ready initially for luck and reunion. The Nine of bowls was so worked.

And here it is true happiness. A rainbow in the sky which is seen by both partners and which for both partners ascended as a symbol of gate in pleasure and happiness of new, true love which only and comes at the very end of color of bowls. Only after passing of all tests and temptations of this color, it is possible to receive the real gift - true love which is comprehensive, and is self-sufficient. Which does not need proofs and confirmations which it is simple to eat. And already one its existence - happiness. Happiness for which all strive, but only units reach.