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The wisdom concluded in the senior Lassos of Taro

Wisdom, concluded in the Senior Lassos

As I already wrote in the previous article, the Senior lassos of Taro keep in themselves many secrets. Many Tarologi still try to decipher sense of cards, write scientific works, make assumptions. But there is no uniform knowledge of the Senior lassos still. Everyone perceives them on a miscellaneous. And I think not incidentally too. Just each person touching ancient secret receives the vibrations. And in it there is a Great Wisdom of Taro too. To give only that particle which is in this situation necessary. No more.

So after all what is Great Lassos of Taro? The senior Lassos of Taro are images of Lives and Death of each person living on this Earth. More precisely, its way to death and is slightly farther from the birth than

the Word lasso comes from the Latin arcanus meaning uncertainty.

The senior Lassos - trump color. Consists of 22 cards. The image on each card illustrates action, behavior and an event. Each card has the name and the number. In predictions the Senior Lassos represent a condition of life - a sincere, emotional condition of the person at the time of guessing.

The senior lassos are closely crossed with other occult sciences, such as a cabbala, astrology .

Many theologians of the past considered that in Taro Great wisdom of the Universe is ciphered. Blavatskaya considers that we can find an answer of great legends of the past in Taro. The leading occultist of the 19th century Elifas Levi (true name - the Gigolo Konstan) calls Taro`s system the sum of all sciences, a key on all questions the greatest creation of human reason. On simplicity and force it compares it to architecture of the Egyptian pyramids in what sees the reason of her longevity. Curt De Guibellin sees in it the conductor to mysteries of Egypt. P. D. Uspensky called Taro by the philosophical " car; . He wrote that Taro in relation to metaphysics and mysticism represents the same, than the decimal system an ischisleniiya is in relation to mathematics. Jung saw two complementary types of approach to realization of the person in Taro: introvertivny and ekstravertivny.

Taro`s symbolics is connected with idea of a threshold, door through which can pass only devoted - those who have a key. According to legends, Taro contains grain of the encyclopedic knowledge given by the Egyptian god of wisdom Tot for the pupils in magic. Drawings on cards contain the rich symbolics which is present at the majority of the European and east cultures. But this symbolics is identical on the same card of different packs that also speaks about the hidden sense of symbols.

The excerpt from H. Bantskhaf`s book " speaks about a deep sivolizm; Taro, key concepts :

To the same ancient times there goes back also the symbolics of one of the Senior Lassos of Taro who seems to many people especially surprising: it is Hung up. Its number, 12, means a certain time cycle as, however, and other numbers which are going back to the three and the four (3+4 = 7 - week, 3x4 = 12 - year). On travel of the hero on 22 Senior Lassos Hung up represents the lowermost, dead a point, an antithesis of the last, 21 - y to the world map. Number 12 is 21 in mirror display, and the figure Hung up as if reflects the dancing figure on 21 - y to the card. In his crossed legs we learn the four (cross). His hands, shoulders and the head develop in a triangle. As the three is considered number divine, and the four - terrestrial, the pose Hung up symbolizes suffering, a state before Rescue: divine is hidden under terrestrial. Contrary to it 21 - y the Lasso is a condition of release, Rescue: divine (triangle) is above terrestrial (cross). This symbolics consistently follows also from the previous, twentieth card of Court where there is release divine (three people) from terrestrial (a quadrangular grave). So symbols on cards not the simple drawings and which are deeply thought over and ideally combined among themselves symbols.

Also the sequence of cards is also secret. Up to the beginning of the XX century the sequence of cards was identical. It is known that Artur - Edward Waite, the confessor of Taro`s pack most popular today, changed the order of the Senior Lassos existing up to the end of the 19th century, having traded places the eighth and eleventh cards (To Sil and Justice). He did not offer explanations for this step, having limited to the statement that at it there were on it sufficient reasons . But, nevertheless, and this sequence got accustomed, but at the same time and generated many rumors. Still many tarolog argue what sequence correct.

So really there is a lot of riddles. Assumptions too. Not therefore whether Taro causes such great interest to this day?.

How to consider the Senior Lassos in a deal? In my opinion, it is karmic cards, cards which designate the global moments in a deal, what it is necessary to pay attention to first of all. Therefore when these cards appear, they most often speak about some global, key events, but not about daily affairs. They represent your main feelings and motivations.

Cards of the Senior Lasso often are considered as a separate pack. There are various schemes showing how cards are combined among themselves and in combinations define value of a situation. In these schemes the numerology, astrology, a cabbala and other esoteric doctrines is used.

Sometimes the Senior Lasso is considered how stages of spiritual growth, the fact that call the Way of the Fool. In similar systems each card symbolizes a certain quality or experience which need to be learned before becoming the complete personality. It is the separate school of Taro founded on Yungovsky system of archetypes. In brief, it is a way from the person accumulating life experience and ascending on the following level of spirituality. Descriptions of cards are based on key concepts: archetypes.

The senior Lasso contains many levels and experience options. These cards cover all stages of growth and all vital lessons which can arise during a certain period of life and for all life. They also describe all evolution of soul. Cards of the senior Lasso also show that integrity is our nature and our destiny. When we learn the true nature, we receive the Universe in an award.

Tarot cards help to hear an internal voice, the guardian angel, the highest I as you want. This internal voice is always part you. This communication cannot be broken, but it can be ignored. Tarot cards - one of ways to hear it.

There are deals only for the Senior Lassos. I will bring a little, the most widespread.

1. Guess to receive the answer to a type question: What will occur if I make it (I will not make)...? . I advise to carry out this deal the Senior Lassos.


_____ 7


7 - aya the card: A trope of what lies on a background of a problem, a question or that way which questioning makes the decision.

Cards 3 - 1 - 5 chronologically show that will occur if you make it.

Cards 4 - 2 - 6 in the specified sequence report that will be if you do not begin to do it.

2. It is a deal has to tell guessing about the attitude towards him of other person:


of the card possess the following values:

- 1 - : general impression which you make on the person thought by you; substantially its conscious assessment of your personality and your actions;

- 2 - : feelings which this person has in relation to you;

- 3 - : its subconscious, in many respects hidden from him attitude towards you (pay special attention to this card: subconscious perception often directs our acts).

3. The decision

This deal allows to resolve an issue in parallel: to leave - to remain. Is chosen what row to what will correspond, cards are displayed in a certain order and it is well visible, - where good succession of events and where bad.

3 1 5


4 2 6

7th position is a key to the decision. There can be three options:

- it adjoins the first row,

- it adjoins the second row,

- it is in itself.

The decision - a convenient deal. If options more than 2 - x, then a certain number of cards on each option gives all the best. Ranks of cards will also show chronology of succession of events.

And once again, in brief I will give values of the Senior Lassos:

1. Magician.

Action, energy. Determination. Vigorous young man. Magic - the efforts directed to realization of desire. Active position Creativity.

2. Priestess (Papessa).

Intuition, unconscious, hidden secrets. Magic, charodeystvo. The closed, occult knowledge. Virginity. Not woken up sexuality.

3. Hostess (Empress).

Incubation, pregnancy. Care, motherhood. Prosaicness. Fruit, wealth. Hidden, invisible processes. Temptation terrestrial affairs.

4. Emperor.

Force, power, authority. Stability, order. Power. Father, leader, patriarch. Leader. Structures of the power. The realized desires.

5. Iyerofant (Father).

Change of the social status. Appeal to church. Church as organization. Definition of a position: The adult is the Parent - the Child. Social choice.

6. Lovers.

Moral choice. An emotional pressure and instability - a love-hate. Flirtation, informal relations. Sexual activity. June.

7. Chariot.

Material success. Prize, victory, triumph. Achievement of the expected result. Trip. Car.

8. Justice (Justice).

Collision with the law. Court. Divorce. Legal problems. Surgery. Fast and cool solution.

9. Hermit.

Wisdom, old age, loneliness. The accumulated knowledge. Judiciousness. Lack of vital forces. The end of September - October.

10. Fortuna`s wheel.

Movements in space, in society, in time. Natural changes. Change of seasons.

11. Force.

Internal force. Moral position. Courage, firmness, overcoming of temptations. Ability to fight against vicissitudes of life and to resist Rock.

12. Hung up.

Victim, material losses. Release and transition to new level. Initsiatsionny death. Refusal of old. Inverted world.

13. Death.

Death. Fast (about two months) time. Prompt changes. Kolyushche - the cutting tools, cold steel. Sharp intervention.

14. Moderation.

Slow time. Moderation. Water and other liquids. Alchemy. Late fall, rainy time. Slow fading.

15. Devil.

Temptation desire, black magic, radioactive infection. Invisible danger. Devil intrigues. Evil spirit, dirty business.

16. Tower.

Blow. Crash, accident. Defloration, childbirth, act of creation. Seldom - creation and destruction at the same time. Fallichesky symbol, weapon, explosion.

17. Star.

Hope, soul, spirituality. Finding of an enlightenment. Openness. Light beginning. But - disappointment, illusions, unfulfilled hopes.

18. Moon.

Distemper, deception, fluctuations, doubts. Unstable, mentality borderline. Fog, loss of reality. Fear.

19. Sun.

Light, heat, safety. Clarity, definiteness. Family, family center. Agni. Summer, summer solstice.

20. Last Judgement (Court. Karma).

Court, trial. Long process. Winter, cold, styly earth. Below the Earth`s surface. Next world. Karmic problems.

0 / 21. Clown.

Child. Naivety, trustfulness, ability to be surprised, artless perception of the world. Nonsense, senseless cruelty. Meekness and irresponsibility.

22. World (Universum).

Absolute harmony. Execution of all desires. Optimum card.


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