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What role of color in advertizing?

Colour - one of the most significant elements of a print advertizing capable to influence the decision on purchase are not less, than a slogan. This peculiar link in the advertizing message which introduces amendments in perception of information.

First that is evident when reading the advertisement, - color scale. In general the general principle of creation of any printing announcement the is as follows: module has to be allocated and should not irritate.

The general rules of use of color to

does not recommend a motley coloring of the advertisement, and, the it is less module dimensions, the irritation from a color variety is more. Excessive loading blue, green and red can lead to the fact that the look will linger on such modules for a while, besides it prevents reading of information. The most acceptable option - three colors (black it is considered).

The saturation of color also plays a considerable role. Pale (but not pastel) colors reduce interest level. It is black - white headings are not recommended to be placed in the color environment at all, - they are perceived as a background. On the other hand, the advertizing playing shades of one color is rather advantageously perceived. Well the black font on the basis of gradation of gray looks. On such background any, it is desirable a small color insert, looks rather advantageously and it is remembered.

Also extra care should be shown with aggressive in the flowers - red, black, it is dark - brown: they oppress. At their unlimited use there is extremely negative reaction. Aggressive tone just force to identify the module as advertizing of the militant organization.

At the same time, it is always necessary to remember that the light text is against a dark background perceived and read better, than dark on light. So, for example, the yellow text on a black background is an optimum combination, and here white on blue draws even more attention as is associated with the blue sky.

Sometimes during creation of the advertisement it is possible to use reception of an empty leaf - a clean sheet without inscriptions, in a corner the small print specifies the message. It is rather effective too.

Values of flowers and their combinations

It is desirable for i to consider color scale and how one color can be combined with another. For example, in advertizing of medicines it is very often used green as color which everything softens removes sharpness of experiences. Green has the salutary, weakening effect. It is color of the nature. Using it, the advertiser involuntarily appeals to ancient instincts of the person.

Red it is allocated from all scale as color of determination, desire (passion), an act. However he demands care in application, otherwise it is possible to frighten off the buyer (especially women) excessive aggression.

During creation of the advertisement it is always necessary to remember what the maximum sensitivity for an eye possesses it is yellow - green color, and in the brightest color in a print advertizing is yellow . Use of this color will always draw attention to itself and an eye will not begin to irritate as red . It is also possible to use and orange color which helps to cause inflow of vital forces, gives an optimistic tone. It adds activities, but at the same time gives feeling of internal balance and sincere harmony. However, for example, in Ukraine in the last two years it is associated with a certain political force therefore lost initial " a little; " value;.

Looks also Xing not less well - blue scale. It is used generally during creation of the advertisements devoted to means of hygiene (deodorants, lotions, shampoos). At the same time white color plays also important role. White is a color of a full disclosure, readiness to perceive the world in all its variety. Still it is good the fact that it does not bear any unpleasant feelings. Any negative reactions, unlike black which often suppresses and creates heavy feeling.

In general, black is a color of self-immersion: it helps to be fenced off, become isolated and to concentrate from everything on the solution of this or that task. At the same time this color is capable to adjust of melancholy and despondency. In black the feeling of loneliness and isolation from world around comes. Sometimes the combination of black and red is used in advertizing of spirits with strong aromas.

Use and violet colors is not less important. Though it is applied quite seldom, however this color very much suits people creative, capable to create something the. Violet - color of internal concentration. This color promotes internal deepening: he will help to abstract from everything, unnecessary at present and to concentrate on the main problem.

Approximately the same spirit is capable to cause and pink color which strengthens feelings, does us more attentive, tender and sensitive. He is the great assistant in the sphere of the interpersonal relations. Therefore use of pink scale in advertizing of goods for children, the family centers bears in itself a positive charge to which the consumer cannot but react.

Now you know why this or that advertizing acts on you!