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What for Tequilajazzz group?

Alexander Duser Ravens / drums/, Konstantin Fedorov/gitara/, Evgeny Ouch - ouch - ouch The Fedorov / bass, a vocal, texts / created group in the course of shooting of Rasheed Nugmanov Wild East . Then they were already rather skilled musicians who changed in different Petersburg teams, the most known of which - Object of sneers under the direction of the Ricochet and Automatic udovletvoritel first Russian punk Andrey (Svina) Panov and " group; Zero .

The first compact Tekiladzhazzz let out in 1994. Then the head of the Moscow company FeeLee (Philly) Igor Tonkikh concluded the full contract with them. History of group is a continuous professional and creative growth.

Tekiladzhazzz regularly gives concerts - France and Spain tours, various foreign and Russian festivals, performances on a warming up at Rage Against The Machine Biohazard Faith No More The Smashing Pumpkins . Gradually it made it one of the best live teams on open spaces of the CIS.

In their first works there was no political correctness. The first album was just pro-terrorist, with stories about 68 - m year, Ulrich Meinhof, RAFE. There are even impregnations of samples from TV programs about the real terrorist by nickname the Jackal. Gradually it bothered. Now songs of participants of group are devoted to internal problems of the adult.

After the third call,

After a thunder in silence,

You will tell clouds

Everything that you know about me. I Will give

Ya from a pack of the

I cigarettes of drawing at the

window to you hi,

the Boy crying in a dream.

As any other Russian group, Tekiladzhazzz worked on a field of cinema. It possesses soundtracks to the movies christened as new Russian cinema : Wild East Ghoul The Body will be interred, and the senior warrant officer will sing Iron heel of oligarchy .

The group considers that she was very lucky about a record - the company, one of the most adequate which understands as as it is necessary to do. But, Evgeny Fedorov says, him bothered to play by rules. We were very much tired by history with an album " Celluloid;. It was well put promotion - the company, under all laws. And we did everything as it is necessary. It is interesting to get, of course, to editorial offices of fashionable magazines, studios of top photographers, to meet new people, but over time it tires .

To write on sand - it is better, than to burn down

paper the Wave thanks, instead of letters leaving moisture.

Ya I will record with the tape recorder to you noise of a surf

I kakletat, in the sky these two fly there

of their song are usually cast by imaginations over the subject what would be if Suddenly it turned out that things about which they sang can come true. Therefore some things were excluded from repertoire. Here what is told about it by Evgeny: Here, for example, song " Plane;. It is sung on behalf of the terrorist who seized the liner. Any ideology, just a story about the person who seized the plane and died from special troops hands. There is such detail - I for some reason tied him to 16 - mu to a row, the place A. Napisal and forgot. In a week we fly to Copenhagen, we play a concert and we come back home. I am given a boarding pass - a row 16 A. So covered me that children by force wore out in the " plane;.

Only the moon sees off in flight this my plane,

Only the moon and a kivaniye of stars - dazzling stars,

Dark night, and not soon dawn, through 100 cigarettes,

Time has come, I am not any more here