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How to do at a meeting with an unfamiliar dog right thing? Watching

behavior of the approaching dog, the attentive person will be able always to distinguish whether the dog is afraid of it, expresses humility, or shows aggressive intentions. All the matter is that as a result of domestication and centuries-old selection, the dog began to perceive the person as let also very exotic look, but the tribesman. Therefore not only shows it all dog cenobitic rituals, but also interprets reciprocal human reactions and perceives mainly with this, purely dog point of view.

Here the most important for not dog lover messadzh :

Humility: the Obedient dog, i.e. the dog certainly recognizing higher hierarchical rank for the person will never approach

the stranger in front, and always sideways. The tail is horizontal or lowered a little down. The muzzle is lowered below shovels and extended forward. Ears are lowered a little and slightly pressed. Lips are extended and their corners are obviously lowered down. At some dogs the unilateral grin, such peculiar grin is possible. The look of a dog is directed aside. Forward legs are as if in a semi-squat, and back are straightened and pulled together in skakatelny joints. The majority of dogs often wag a tail in a friendly greeting, but the tail is lowered a little and only its disteel part moves.


the Dog comes nearer as if on tiptoe, having widely placed hind legs and slightly sideways. The tail is lifted up and tensely is not mobile or slowly, as if with fixing of extreme provisions, rocks here and there. The head is extended at the level of shovels forward or slightly raised. The look is directed directly to the person, in eyes or, several moments prior to attack, to the place of an estimated sting. Ears are raised, developed on the person or highly pressed. It is frowned. Lips or are drawn in, or oskalena a semicircular grin with strongly raised and wrinkled nose lobe. The dog publishes the quiet low menacing grumble passing, sometimes, into chest bubbling.


At a meeting with an unfamiliar dog and, especially, with pack, it is necessary:

to Move carefully and, whenever possible, smoothly. The sharp movement can lead to the fact that the dog will apprehend it as threat or a signal to attack.


the Hand which is sharply raised in a greeting can be apprehended as the beginning of the attacking movement.

not to stare, as they say, eye to eye.

the Direct look, on " language; carnivorous predators which the dog treats, means readiness, at least, for immediate attack.

A if you stared on the leader of pack or just vysokorangovy dog, it will mean that you or challenge leadership in pack, or call in question an individual rank of a dog.

That behind it can follow, explain, seems to me it is not necessary as these notes are written not for fans to look for adventures on um , so to say so, to the own harm

not to shout and not to try to talk to a dog so-called command by voice if you authentically did not define that before you the nizkorangovy dog inclined to submission to any person. Otherwise, if before you there was a vysokorangovy person, the leader of pack or just the dog who is specially trained not to execute team of the stranger, the result, as they say, can appear, at best, at you on trousers Or, and it happens too, in trousers

not to run away.

As is available a natural instinct to prosecution for a dog, the running-away person represents the purpose with which it is necessary to catch up and to attack immediately.

to Stand in a natural pose.

of the Dog know that the standing people considerably tower over them, having, from the dog point of view, more impressive dimensions and, as a result, potentially higher rank. The fallen person, this rank, in the opinion of a dog, loses and immediately becomes convenient object for attack. Especially it belongs to the pack which surrounded you: Here the so-called instinct of finishing the tired-out production can take effect.

If to you on the way the single dog who is obviously not going to give way to you met, then you always have a choice, or to try with it ranks, or, having exposed between it and itself any subject, having slightly stooped, i.e. having accepted obviously nizkorangovy pose, to bypass a dog on an arch, trying not to cross a critical one-and-a-half-meter distance.

If you need to cross the territory which the pack of city dogs considers as the or which she (territories adjacent to the markets, metro stations, congestions of grocery booths, especially in vespers - night time of day) considers it necessary to protect, do it follows by the known dzyudoistsky principle: To Give in to win :

Do not hesitate to wait for fellow travelers: Darning of trousers or visit, God forbid, of emergency station, will take you much more time. remember

" Well; Great principle of Barmaley from Aybolit 66 : Normal heroes - always make a detour .

But if you nevertheless did not manage to avoid rendezvous :

Try to allocate in pack of the leader - the leader and to define his intentions

without doing sharp gestures, stops and turns, change the way so to bypass pack on a wide smooth arch, without coming nearer, but also without moving away from it, you will not get up on former " yet; footpath

If the pack blocked to you a way - turn to it half-turned (and at all not a back!) - without hurrying, return on initial position

If the pack began to surround you, blocking and barring the way back, be smoothly displaced by side to the right or to the left to the next vertical surface (a wall, a tree, the car). It is necessary to make it a lateral added step, remember Argentina tango and who is more senior - and a waltz Boston And having only covered a back, it is possible to start active defensive actions. For a start, as it is possible more loudly and is more shrill to appeal about the help. To call militia: PPS or PPG (in Moscow) approach, in similar cases, literally in 2 - 4 minutes.

do not try if are not assured that you can use it properly, bend and lift from the earth, for defense, any subject. Such movement can provoke immediate anticipatory attack.

to Beat off if attack nevertheless did not manage to be avoided, it is necessary for those a subject which appeared at you in hands - a ladies` handbag / bag / bag, a plastic package, a portfolio At the same time it is necessary to make the circular loop-shaped or vosmyorkoobrazny movements, trying to get not so much (can intercept / pull out having seized teeth), how many to create a veil from potential blows - threats.

If to pack managed to surround you, then stand, having represented from themselves salt column or try smoothly moving to the left sideways if you the right-handed person to leave a ring. The matter is that in the shelter of the victim of a role of dogs are distributed as follows:

is driven and the prepotent and subdominant individuals capable to independent making decision on attack meet the potential victim, and from sides - nizkorangovy individuals which to attack - it is simply not necessary.

If attack nevertheless began, do not stop the movement sideways at all and aside, at the same time making a bag / package the circular loop-shaped or vosmyorkoobrazny frightening-off movements, creating around itself a peculiar veil. Also begin to shout, the is more shrill - the better!

Good luck!