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How to put on for interview with the employer?

Well - with, hello, my dear motorists, housewives and, will not be afraid of this word, gardeners. Look at yourself in a mirror (it is possible even a rear view), and it is honest, without paltering, answer yourself a question: whether you know that it... teapot? Alas, alas! You do not know! The teapot, my dear, is a lifestyle where each of us in something a teapot. And therefore to each of us will not prevent to know couple another of everyday cunnings that from a modest teapot to turn, at last, in solid to dock.

Between us, teapots, I want to report that, from this time, you will be able to receive a portion of absolutely free everyday cunnings, with assistance of your obedient servant.

We will devote today`s simple cunnings to a subject of jobless teapots.

Cunning of a teapot: As they say, on each goods there is the merchant, and on each unemployed there is the employer. And if you prepare for the interview solving for you with the above-mentioned employer, then the first what you should think of is about the appearance. And therefore we will talk about clothes. According to social psychologists, the most preferable clothes style at employment is so-called conservative style. First of all we will pay attention to color.

If to speak in general, then all shades brown will be suitable for business and earthy flowers - they will create to you an image of the respectable and confident person, gray - will make you more imperceptible, will cause the neutral relation, blue - will work soothingly, and black color will dispose your interlocutor to formal receptions and business talk.

Conservative style in clothes for women means: strict, made-to-order suit, i.e. jacket and direct skirt. Now it is considered special chic to carry it without blouse. Irrespective of air temperature, on your legs there have to be thin stockings or tights and elegant classical shoes, with surely closed sock the Handbag has to be small and it is desirable not economic.

For men: it is recommended to put on a strict suit the first appointment to the chief - the two or the three, to hold a leather briefcase or the folder in hand and to have a short, accurate hairstyle. As for shirts, certainly, 100% a cotton, white shirt and if you get a shirt of color to an ekr - color of an unbleached cloth, consider that the success of interview is already predetermined will be a favourite among conservative shirts.

Having got a shirt, with grace of the English spinner, we interweave a tie into a collar of this shirt. By the way about ties. If you consider that the tie which is dangling at the level of knees adds to you charm and advantage, then you are mistaken because the good form is considered when the tie comes to an end in the field of a trouser belt. And the man is higher, the more widely there has to be his tie.

And my God you upas, in particular it concerns men, to put on itself expensive jewelry. And in general, in a pursuit of conservatism avoid all that is associated with the word too . If there is a strong wish, then it is possible to limit itself to a ring, a bracelet, or expensive pen.

And the main thing, you remember that the perfect combination of a suit, a hairdress, accessories which is not multiplied by elegant ease with which you are able to carry all this - cost nothing.

For jobless teapots we will talk about other cunnings at our next meetings for now - good luck and you are not boiled in vain.