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How to bargain upon purchase of the apartment?

Today at so high prices of housing it is very necessary to be able to bargain correctly upon purchase of the apartment. Today it is possible to save thus upon purchase of the apartment on average from 1 to 5%. Agree, the pleasant sum will turn out, to buy which can be spent then for repair in the same apartment new complete kitchen or the computer to children.

For a start, naturally, you need to decide on apartment option. By searches do not forget to involve all sources of obtaining information.

1. All printing editions on real estate, be not too lazy, ring out on ALL to phones, according to all announcements offering the housing option suitable for you. Even if you were not answered or was it is busy do not forget to return and call back! Perhaps, exactly THERE there will also be YOUR apartment. And as the share of homeowners concerning intermediaries is very low, it is hard to contact the owner. But you understand that to buy the apartment without services of real estate agencies directly from the owner we will be cheaper. Very often it turns out that the owner advertizes in sale in the same newspaper on an equal basis with intermediaries (which can be a little and with different margins), but as a result the buyer gets the apartment through the intermediary only because there was not enough persistence to ring out and phone to all sellers .

2. Also, not less productive, option of search on the Internet , several times a day check all fresh offers. And if where - nibud you see a mark urgent sale - you call, without postponing as often happens who the first will call, that and " slippers; I`m sorry, flat keys. The main thing to get on well at urgent, so - options at reduced price, the first to contribute advance payment, and the deposit is better. The contract of a deposit provides big gravity of both parties.

3. Also stick on all entrances the houses interesting you (I know, difficult and what to do? nobody promised what will be easy) the announcement of purchase of the apartment. Usually owners of apartments, naturally, call if there are on the sale options.

Having chosen apartment option, agree about viewing. Try not to be late that at owners of the apartment negative attitude to you was not created at once.

So if in the first minute of viewing you see that it is the option suitable for you, do not forget the following:

1. The apartment examine attentively , in passing asking questions of neighbors, about volume how warm and solar apartment and so on.

2. Specify the price , perhaps from the moment of submission of the announcement owners already lowered it.

3. Having noticed any shortcomings, surely pretend that it strongly upset you, and hint that it is necessary to change something and to repair.

4. to the apartment do not begin something with the first steps in the spirit of " at all; it does not cost this money which you for it ask I saw the best options at the best price . It will adjust the seller on the negative attitude towards you as to the potential buyer at once and there will be a desire to suggest you to leave this room.

5. Make small a compliment to the owner of the apartment how drawing of wall-paper for a bedroom, or what big kitchen is picked well up. It will pull together you at once and the seller as owners, perhaps, lived here not one year and, naturally, want to transfer the dwelling to kind hands. Only be not overzealous! Sellers are usually sure that their apartment the best and the buyer will give for it any money. If you incidentally convince sellers that you that person interested and just fell in love with this apartment, then you will manage to reduce the price hardly.

6. You leave with easy uncertainty and with words that You need to discuss this option on a family council . And also ask as far as owners are ready to move in the price? Offer the price, in advance overestimating the " size; discounts as owners, most likely, will agree to dump to you only a half from this sum. But you just also try to obtain it! Also specify that in case you accept the price, then you will be ready to make the near future an advance payment / a deposit. It you will prove to be the real buyer with real money at once.

In case the apartment which you came to watch suited you from first seconds unambiguously and irrevocably, try not to show it . Having exclaimed it it, we so long looked for it you will significantly lower the chances of reduction of the price. On the contrary, the probability that owners will reconsider the price towards increase is high. After viewing declare to sellers that you are ready to get this apartment, but you do not have money a little. Specify that at reduction of price of the sum necessary for you you are ready to make an advance payment / a deposit immediately. It will set thinking seriously sellers and to make the decision, as they say, on the place.

If you call to agree about viewing, and to you specify that sale urgent (according to and at more pleasant price), having learned what sum will be required for registration of the contract of an advance payment / deposit, having taken it with itself, at once leave on viewing! Often happens that, deliberating and wasting time for a trip behind money, buyers lose the arranged apartment option! If it was pleasant to you, housing which you just saw, make the decision as soon as possible not to hear in response to your offer to make an advance payment / a deposit that already late, we just received a deposit from other buyers . Sometimes it is possible to be late on only several minutes and the apartment will leave in other hands.

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