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Whether all rejoice Santa - to Claus? Began to smell

a fir-tree and tangerines! Gifts and expectation of a miracle! Vials of champagne in a glass and hopes that the next year will bring much - many pleasures. Feeling of a holiday. And of course Father Frost - a beard from cotton wool, where without it! All this is Christmas and New year!

The Soviet power did not favor both of these holidays. Christmas was pursued as a religious remnant about seventy years. New year was lucky more - it was considered as a bourgeois remnant only six years - from 1929 to 1935. In 1936 in Moscow, in the Columned hall of the House of the Unions, there passed the first New Year tree for children and youth. It is necessary to tell, as Father Frost became the main hero of a New Year`s holiday in Soviet period. For this period its image was finally created and detailed - Father Frost found, so to speak, at last, the social status - it was before the severe troublemaking grandfather - East Slavic spirit of cold.

In spite of the fact that tradition to celebrate New year it developed rather recently, - but all who were born in Soviet period - absorbed it with milk. However a certain shift of New Year`s symbols is tended today. In particular - Father Frost`s image, for example, meets more and more seldom in greeting cards, commercials, toys. The aggressive western culture obligingly palms off on us Santa Claus who for rather short time got into houses and on counters of shops. And song Jingle Bells it is possible to hear much now more often than In the wood the fir-tree " was born;.

Santa Claus victoriously walks on the planet. It already almost forced out national Christmas grandfathers of the different countries (French Noel, the Swedish Yolotomen, the Danish Yulemanden, the Norwegian Yulebukk, the Karelian Pakkayne, the Russian Father Frost`s Peer). Huge it is red - the white army of Santa of the Chinese production annually zapolonyat shops of the different countries before New Year`s holidays.

However the Americanized image Santa - Claus is pleasant to not everyone. And on the eve of approach of 2007 in many countries there were massive campaigns against Santa - Claus. In particular, in Austria and Germany social movement of Catholics against commercialization of the main thing in a Catholic calendar of a holiday began - at Christmas fairs this year Santa`s images - Claus are officially forbidden; several advertizing agencies of the Czech Republic united around the initiative directed to exile of the American image Santa - Claus from the local market; already and in Moscow many are dissatisfied with domination of the western fantastic symbolics - this year there were orders to advertizing agencies on creation of billboards where our Father Frost wins their Santa - Claus.

Now Santa`s authority strongly reeled. What remained in modern Santa from historical Saint Nikolay Mir Likiyskikh`s shape of the wonder-worker which was Santa`s prototype? Santa became an advertizing brand at first to the Coca company for a long time - Cola, and now and all Christmas, having literally replaced with himself Jesus in a day nursery.

And working in shopping centers on the eve of New year and Christmas Santa - Klausov often accuse of roughness and even that from them the fetid odor proceeds. The instruction forbids to put Santam on the knees children and to kiss them - you never know - and suddenly the pedophile is behind Santa`s mask? - modern Santa - Claus is limited only to handshakes and air-kisses. Parents categorically against their children were squeezed by the foreign man. The American cinema mercilessly operates an image Santa - Claus - representing it the disguised gangster, the thief, the bandit (it is worth remembering at least the movie Bad Santa or The Taxi - 2 ) .

And notorious western political correctness yields the marasmic fruits too: in 2001 members of Chamber of lords of the British parliament reflected, whether not to make Santa - Claus the woman. The matter is that recruitment agencies opposed the advertizing which appeared in supermarkets that to work Santa - Klausami invites men. According to the law About sexual discrimination the sex of the person should not is criterion at employment.

And one London department store Virgin Megastore (I think, not it one, and not only London) decided to please the buyers making shopping - to their services the whole army very sexual Santa - Klausov - the young ladies and young men employed in model agency, dressed in the suits which are slightly covering them perfect bodies traditional is red - white flowers and in Santa`s cap.

So who now Santa? Who is behind a mask of the fantastic grandfather? Thief? Bandit? Pedophile? Woman? Model? The Coca company - Cola? Or nevertheless Saint Nikolay?

And whether such Santa is necessary to us?!