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What is Club of parliamentary debates?

you cannot address without nervousness public? You do not know how is correct and reasoned to present the position in relation to this or that question? If to it to add your desire to realize the social activity and to find new friends, then to you a direct road in Club of parliamentary debates where you can combine and receive all this with interest new impressions.

What is debate? It:

1) the International student`s movement which uses role-playing games as educational technology. Problems of the movement - development of communicative skills of participants, formation of critical thinking and culture of parliamentarism.

2) It is the game comprising the scheme of discussion of the bill in parliament. Two teams arguing the opposite points of view participate in discussion. Debate is won by those whose position is more reasoned whose speech is more logical, convincing, correct. So you will be able safely to be called the prime minister - the minister or the leader of opposition.

3) It is a form of social activity of youth. The club of debate involves students in discussion of actual problems, teaches them to express own opinion, to inform of it others and to understand the opposite point of view.

As you can see, you will be able to spend time among socially active youth with the maximum advantage: leisure will become not only entertainment, but also training, probably, to the qualities, most important for the modern person, - logical thinking, ability to communicate, share the thoughts not on a bench and on public.

Debate carries a rank not just of disputes over a subject, actual for society, and the mechanism having the both rules and the principles which there are three:

1) Training is more important than a victory. Debate is organized so that to help you to gain knowledge and the abilities necessary for your prosperity in modern democratic society. Initially they were conceived as the kind of activity which is enriching your education and at the same time giving you pleasure. According to this principle, the first mission of debate - training. In other words, training has bigger value, than a victory. If you participate in debate only to win, then you set to yourself the wrong object. But it is possible to pursue both aims, sports interest will not prevent and here.

2) Honesty. Honesty - a core of debate. We always want to know the truth and, often, our position depends on domination of some group of arguments and not full information on existence of other facts. To recognize that you know not everything - already a victory over yourself, to use the original facts - a duty of all debater.

3) Respect for the opponent. Debate does not concern the identity of participants. It is impossible to humiliate the person that he does not agree with you. Debate concerns ideas and their collision, and also what ideas are useful to mankind. And in collision of ideas only reasonable arguments can be the only acceptable weapon. In other words, you have to to attack on arguments, reasonings and certificates - but not on the opponent.

Everyone can find nice to it a format of debate. They are a little too: Parliamentary debates (The American format), Parliamentary debates (The British format), Political debate, the Program of debate of Karl Popper, Model of the United Nations, the Manager - a format, Open debate. The majority of debate in Russia take place in the Russian format.

Very important indicator of efficiency of technology is an indicator of that, as far as possible this technology to apply not for the intended purpose, not entirely, and to creation of a new product which is based even not on contents, and on the base - on the principles, on idea. So participants of the movement of debate represent opinions of the younger generation in Youth parliaments of the cities, informing of it people high flight . Debate is capable to show why dispute over rules will lead to result and what have to be rules that this result was.

Student`s clubs at hundreds of universities of the world: Oxford, Princeton, Harvard, Sorbonne, etc. In Russia - MSU, Higher School of Economics, Sankt - the St. Petersburg GU, the Samara GU, the Nizhny Novgorod GU, Novosibirsk GU, etc. Structure, connectivity, completeness, logicality, argumentativeness, a correctness, pithiness of the speech - all this you receive

at injection in the movement of the debate interesting and the informative training process.