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How to distinguish a dwarfish krolchonk from ordinary?

Everything began is quite banal. I wanted a pet. Dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles, guinea pigs, popugaychik and small fishes were very quickly excluded. Or I already had one, or others leave quite unpleasant smell in the house.

And here I got to the girlfriend on a visit. At it just there lived a dwarfish white doe-rabbit. I looked at it, played and decided to buy a rabbit. But the trouble is that I did not open clever books and did not read, than small a krolchata differ from each other. It appears, at dwarfish rabbits ears or stand upright and they small, or hang on each side. At the same rabbit whom I bought ears lay on a back. And here, without suspecting anything, having put the little, greyish, scared animal to itself under a coat, having left only a muzzle with fine pieces of coal - eyes, happy I went home. It is necessary to pay tribute, rabbits - clever beings. If to consider that I got home in about 4 - 5 hours, the rabbit never descended in a toilet. All road he quietly sat at me on handles. I do not know what intuition, but then he always recognized me. On a voice, maybe, on a smell but to play with it and to take it on hands so that he did not escape, only I could.

Arrived home, showed this charming creation to all the members of household, thought up to it a name of the Step and put in a big box. Filled fragmentary paper instead of a toilet, a distance of grated carrot, an apple And I began to call the girlfriend with a question: What do they eat? Now I can tell that all of them eat vegetable that can only be thought up! Cabbage - the most favourite delicacy! Apples, carrot, kartoshechka. Very much branches from parsley / fennel were pleasant, branches from grapes were eaten with pleasure too. And as he loved flowers! Literally all flowers were fed to ours the Step! Several days - and in a cage will stand. In the summer the grass was torn in immense quantities (it was only necessary to be careful with dandelions and a clover - they clean a stomach therefore it is necessary to give in small amounts), hay was bought in the winter. From house food croutons still were very much appreciated. To all other various dry feed, any vitaminchik and special sticks for rabbits was bought. Styopka was terrible proglodity ! And it is impossible to forget about a drinking bowl at all. After food rabbits drink much. But all this came with experience and I suspect that at each rabbit the tastes.

For the third day he accustomed so that he began to jump out of a box. Only then we thought of a cage. Bought the biggest. I still doubted why to it SO big cage! As it appeared, not in vain we bought it. Literally in the first weeks at it back pads strongly grew. Friends laughed that to it in model to move. Then ears began to grow. When he listened, put upright the ears and straightened them. At such moments it was similar to an elephant. And then began to grow by leaps and bounds. And here we, at last, stated a guess that it is not a dwarfish rabbit, but the most ordinary!

But what handsome he grew up! A gray soft fur coat, behind ears a white hair. Tender, playful, clever! He recognized all members of household by a voice. Always met us when we approached its cage. Responded to the name. Understood the word It is impossible . When let out it to take a walk (and to walk it is necessary to give it is desirable every day) - played with us. He very much loved when to it scratched behind ears, a nose, a back And it was very obstinate. If a cage dirty, then he did not lay down, only sat, and then began to knock a back pad. In general it was necessary to clean a cage each 3 days. For a toilet buy wood granules or just a toilet for cats. But any smell.

To walk he fell in love only once from the third. We put on a lead, as for a small doggie (though we bought a special lead for rabbits) and the street to the quiet place. Also it is desirable in a high grass. If he something was frightened, then jumped in it and hid. I promise, the delight of local children and not only - is provided!

They should cut claws. To comb out a hair when they fade, to take on hands and to calm when they are afraid. And still they can take offense. Then cease to eat, do not respond to the name. It is necessary to apologize. As before the person! But how many joy it will give you, and will accustom children to responsibility!

A little precaution will not prevent.

1. Clean all wires from there where the rabbit can get them, otherwise sometime he to you will gnaw through them.

2. Close if it is possible, - will peel all open sites of wall-paper surely. The big roll of the newspaper is better to stand in the corner that it tore up it.

3. Do not frighten a rabbit by loud sounds, otherwise you should clean after him.

4. You do not hold it on hands violently, otherwise will scratch you not worse than a cat.

A small difference between dwarfish and ordinary rabbits. First of all ears. About them I already spoke. In - the second, ordinary rabbits eat more several times. In - the third, ordinary rabbits live longer dwarfish for few years. And all - dwarfish rabbits are more bright than ordinary.

Now my rabbit lives in the village. Will present to it a doe-rabbit soon. Now he is 2,5 years old and he is a HANDSOME.

Get to yourself a favourite pet and enjoy life!