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What is beauty of the person?

What is beauty of the person? It would seem, everything is very simple, but nevertheless the concept about beauty, about beauty of the person in particular, for definition and accurate information has no one of the most difficult as for any of us beauty is understood as something special, special, sometimes not clear to others. So, for example, each nationality has the certain standard of beauty, besides, in any country there is such concept as model appearance though in real life long-legged beauties are pleasant to not everyone. Also beauty of the person from the point of view of the doctor, the artist, the writer, the athlete etc. will differ certainly. It is impossible to find truth in so difficult question, but it is possible to consider so-called types of beauty of the person which make a whole and which are criteria of its assessment.

Congenital beauty (beauty by nature) are those lines of appearance which are present at the person from the moment of his birth, develop in the period of a growing and remain throughout all life. Though, the plastic surgery by means of which it is possible to change a shape of a nose, lips and other parts of a body becomes more and more popular recently. Personally I consider that I except for very exceptional cases, am not necessary to go against the nature especially as all surgical interventions will hardly positively affect on further health of a human body.

External cover or beauty artificial is, first of all use by the person of clothes, footwear, various accessories, cosmetics. People cannot do without clothes and footwear, it is vital need while use of cosmetics - a personal record of everyone.

Most of people choose the clothes corresponding to fashionable tendencies of a certain season, but it is much more important to pick up clothes which suit you. The clothes as nothing else, it is capable to emphasize advantages or on the contrary to hide figure shortcomings, besides, to each person there are certain colors which are capable to change appearance considerably. So, the clothes which are picked up with taste under specific features even if and not on the last styles (the common sense as a dress from a grandmother`s chest, as if it suited is important here, will look today it is inappropriate), always wins against an ultrafashionable collection of clothes which is not capable to emphasize beauty.

As for cosmetics, I would not like to focus on it especially attention as all perfectly know that at the existing variety of cosmetics it is possible to correct quite easily some defects of appearance, to make them more imperceptible, and also to allocate or change those lines of which it is possible to be proud.

Interior or beauty spiritual are personal qualities of the person which cannot almost be determined by appearance. They are shown in acts, actions, at direct communication. Kindness, responsiveness, sincerity, reliability, intellectuality is only a small part of the list of those qualities which the person can possess. It is natural that each person appreciates in other people a certain set of lines of the personality according to which he also tries to select the satellite (companion) of life, the circle of contacts.

Further we will consider such concepts as hygiene and health of the person. Perhaps, someone will reproach me and will tell that it not on a subject. On the one hand can do it and so, but with another - hygiene and health are a peculiar push to manifestation of natural beauty fully.

Health of the person. you never paid attention to how the person with good health looks? Such people are especially attractive for society. At them eyes, healthy skin color of the person (even the natural flush is possible), a slim figure, beautiful hair, cheerful mood shine. However, as, however, and everywhere, there are exceptions, and all above-mentioned can be blocked, for example, by negative properties of the personality.

Recently there are slender people less, at the same time most of people do not understand the reason of the completeness. They try to adhere to certain diets at food, torture themselves physical exercises. And meanwhile, the healthy human body will perfectly function also without any diets, in it in due time there are all exchange processes, and, therefore, fat will not be laid.

Every year people unconsciously do everything to worsen not only the health, but also health of future children. And what to tell here about maintenance and preservation of natural beauty which is somewhat shown through health. At people more and more at early age hair begin to drop out, they become dim and lifeless, there are bad teeth, an ugly figure etc., and it, without saying that health in general is the mechanism for long-term existence of human life.

Hygiene of the person - consists in elementary, comprehensive care of the person of the shape, that is each person has to be pure and tidy (if of course he wants to make good impression on people around). How many happened cases when the person seemingly pleasant in every respect cannot be perceived surrounding properly only from - for the fact that he has dirty out-of-condition hair, from a mouth, and the clothes crumpled and soiled badly smell. You should not forget that, despite of everything, we live in society, and maintenance of hygiene is important not only for ourselves, but also for normal communication with people.

Summing up the result, involuntarily I remember expression Meet on clothes, and see off on mind . What it designates, I think, it and so is clear to all without excess explanations. Also say that: Ugly people are not, everyone is beautiful in own way and I completely agree with it. - not to have complex the main thing concerning the appearance as you will not be dear to all all the same, and, certainly, there will be those people who really will be able to estimate your beauty.