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What to do if you got sick with flu?

Flu - an illness, long since known for heavy epidemics.

From the moment of hit of a virus in an organism before emergence of the first symptoms of an illness there pass only 1,5 - 2 days. Having got to an organism, a flu virus through one - two minutes takes root into cells of a mucous membrane and breeds very quickly. At the same time toxins (poisons) poisoning literally all organism are emitted.

Distribution of flu happens vozdushno - a drop way. A source of an infection is sick with flu of people which at cough, sneezing, conversation disseminates an infection with the smallest droplets of saliva. Here pertinently to tell what passes per day about 15 cubic meters of air through the adult`s lungs. Viruses extend from the sick person during usual conversation to one meter, at cough - to two meters, when sneezing - to three meters.

The patient`s hands are also an important factor in distribution of flu. If patients during the sneezing and cough cover a mouth with a palm, viruses remain on hands, use objects which the patient touched that can lead to infection of healthy people. Door handles, hand-rail in public transport are ideal ways for transfer of viruses.

The sick person promotes distribution of an illness and therefore has to show consciousness and as much as possible reduce communication with other people, think about their safety, otherwise the population as was ill, is ill, and will be ill further.

Population density in the city imposes special requirements to culture of life which at us, unfortunately not. And in the period of epidemic we with a dense ring are surrounded sneezing and coughing. You can imagine how many people will be infected by such person who has flu standing before itself will get sick in a bed.

The American scientists counted that the organism spends so much energy for recovering from flu that it costs it year of life.

suffer From poison of an influenzal virus walls of blood vessels and capillaries. Their permeability increases, and they become similar to a sieve.

It is possible to be protected from flu, going in for physical culture and sport, a hardening, walk in the fresh air, organizing a reasonable work-rest schedule, rich vitamin food, use in food of natural phytoncides which kill flu viruses (onions, garlic).

With the preventive purpose can use polyvitamins, ascorbic acid. But the most effective protection - an annual inoculation an antiinfluenzal vaccine.

But if you got sick, then have to know clinical symptoms of flu - the disease arises suddenly, the patient chills, temperature increases, the headache, a general malaise, feeling of weakness, an ache in all body and strong weakness develops.

- At the first symptoms of a disease it is necessary to call the doctor on the house, to observe a bed rest.

- the Patient to isolate from people around, to allocate it separate ware which after food should be boiled.

- should Feed the patient with easy food.

- Linen of the patient is necessary stiratyotdelno.

- the Room where there is a patient, regularly to air and carry out damp cleaning.

- Without appointment of the doctor cannot take any medicine. All medicines appointed by the doctor should be accepted in strictly established order.

- When leaving for painful to the healthy person needs to carry the four-layer gauze bandage closing a nose and a mouth which needs to be erased and ironed more often the hot iron.

- during rise in incidence of flu avoid, whenever possible, places of a considerable congestion of people.

- in the period of an illness refuse traditional handkerchiefs from fabric. Here to viruses warmly, damp and comfortably - here a perennial spring of an infection. Use disposable paper scarfs or napkins better. If all of you are an adherent of traditional handkerchiefs, it is expedient to place at cold such scarfs in small cellophane packages and only then to put them in handbags and pockets.

- Avoid overcooling of an organism. Put on according to weather.

- is More, use products, vitamin-rich.

- Lead a healthy lifestyle.