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What is botulism and as to be saved from it? To Open

in the winter the delicacies prepared by the hands - a jar of jam or marinated cucumbers - special pleasure.

The corked banks of vegetables, fruit, berries, mushrooms of own preparation are stored in Russia at each hostess of the house. But at non-compliance with rules of preparation of tinned products in bank danger of death - botulism can be concealed. Botulism - the infectious disease affecting the central nervous system, bringing in the absence of timely treatment, to paralysis and death. Microbes, causative agents of botulism - anaerobe bacterias (they can live only in the environment without oxygen). And in the closed tinned banks there is no oxygen. In these conditions microbes also produce poison.

Causative agents of botulism live in the soil in a look dispute. With the soil disputes get on vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, into intestines of animals and birds, with silt get into intestines of fishes.

Disputes of botulism maintain heating to 100 degrees within several hours (perish at 121), well transfer high concentration of salt and acetic acid.

The home-made canned food poisoned with botulism toxin looks, as a rule, absolutely good-quality, does not change either appearance, or a smell, or taste. (But the blown-up cover can be a sign of a substandard product too.) Feature of an infecting agent is that in the same can of canned food toxin collects nests. Therefore one people who used tinned products from the same can are ill, and others - are not present.

Botulism toxin, having got into intestines of the person, it is soaked up in blood and causes a serious illness which can lead to a tragic outcome. Symptoms of an illness can appear in several hours, and can even in 5 - 7 days after the use of substandard food. Initial signs - a headache, dryness in a mouth, weakness. Absence of fever is very characteristic, body temperature increases slightly. Vomiting and a diarrhea happen not always, is more often - the persistent locks which are not giving in to action of an enema and laxatives. After sight sharply worsens, there is a doubling in eyes ( a grid before eyes fog ) sometimes squint, pupils extend, and one becomes wider than another. The patient tests dryness in a mouth, the voice becomes nasal, hoarse, and sometimes vanishes absolutely. It becomes difficult for patient to swallow, breathe, the movements are at a loss, muscular weakness increases: the person cannot hold the head - it falls forward or on one side. Often in swallowing attempt liquid pours out through a nose. Tones of heart become deafs, the pulse which in the beginning is slowed down begins to accelerate, the blood pressure goes down.

At the first symptoms of botulism it is necessary to call urgently the doctor or ambulance for introduction of protivobotulinichesky serum as the patient is threatened by respiratory standstill. It is very important to give in due time first aid - washing of a stomach of 5% soda solution, an enema, laxative (sulfate magnesium 30 gr on 500 gr waters), peach or other vegetable oil for binding of toxins, washing of a stomach of warm 5% sodium hydrocarbonate solution (baking soda).

Precautionary measures:

Carefully to clear the products and ware used for conservation of dirt and dust.

to Use the concentration of salt, sugar and acid recommended on a compounding, they interfere with toxin accumulation.

Meat and fish in house conditions can be preserved in hermetically sealed jars only with use of the autoclave.

Whenever possible not to close hermetically mushrooms and other products which are difficult for cleaning off and to use acid which suppresses development dispute of botulism.

to Store home-made canned food at low temperatures.

Be careful to buy home-made canned food, and also self-made meat and fish products from hands on streets and the markets.

do not get in shop tinned products with the blown-up cover.

And the most important, it is always necessary to remember that in house conditions any products - vegetables, fruit, berries, mushrooms, etc. cannot be guaranteed cleared of pollution. Any of recipes of conservation does not prevent dispute of a botulinichesky microbe from germination. Therefore the tinned products prepared in house conditions before the use should be laid out in a pan and to boil 15 - 20 minutes, and then to cool Boiling destroys toxin if it was formed in canned food. Boiling of tinned products before food - the main measure of prevention of botulism.

Appetite pleasant to all.