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What will tell footwear about character of the woman? What

only tests were not napridumat by mankind to learn as much as possible about unfamiliar people! It would seem that it is possible to learn about the person, even without talking to him? Some are sure that very much even a lot of things. Of course, to solve all secrets of ladies` character, having only looked at her legs, hardly perhaps. But to learn which - that about the darling, according to psychologists, nevertheless it is possible.

For example if the girl does not take off a sneaker it means that before you the person very independent, not inclined to self-sacrifice which practically does not depend on foreign opinion. She knows absolutely well where goes and has own view of all events in her life. Setting before itself the purposes, it surely and resolutely moves forward. And quite often even at the same time walks on the heads of the people surrounding it. The most important dignity of this girl is her surprising ability to be on friendly terms - it will never leave the friend in trouble, and will always support at a difficult moment.

If on legs of the girl flaunt elegantly - aggressive shoes on a hairpin, it is possible to assume with confidence that their owner seeks to live in grand style. She adores secular parties, the noisy companies, cheerful holidays and other rough pleasures of life. Its motto - Possible it is necessary to choose From all only the best! . It is capable of a lot of things including on professional progress, but, as a rule, under the leadership of the clever, courageous, and strong man.

Low shoes of army type give ambition and self-confidence. Having noticed the young lady in such footwear, be sure - before you nature vain and aimed at success. She is not too easy on rise as she prefers to consider carefully a situation before beginning to work. But if this person makes a choice, then will move ahead with energy of the bulldozer. This girl, as a rule, does not waste the words and to seek to keep always the promises. Having entrusted it secret, it is possible not to doubt - it not from those who stir much.

Graceful court shoes are worn by the girl romantic and pensive. As a rule, it has some creative hobby - dances, music, drawing, singing, weaving of laces or cultivation of plants. Its nature forces it to aspire to an order in everything, and her dreams of ideal love do it a little strange in the opinion of people around. From movies such girl, most likely, prefers romantic melodramas, she is ready to look for the prince very long, and having even been disappointed in love, at heart she continues to believe that the long-awaited meeting nevertheless will take place.

The young lady in sandals or moccasins, as a rule, easily solves the most knotty problems. The self-control and analytical thinking help it to make a right choice and to take as much as possible positive moments from any situation. It is capable not only to operate the emotions, but also to influence behavior of other people. Having strong will and high inquiries, this girl is capable to construct that life which will make it happy. And here in the elect it on the first place puts mental abilities.

But to you it is worth to remember that all above-mentioned - only a short guide. And of course, time - the best indicator of that, this theory concerning each separately taken woman is how right!