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How to reach by a self-locking device Paris?

already began Summer, and you do not know how to have a rest? Your purse forgot what is paper money? Remember about a self-locking device! It is possible to visit the whole world and without money, and it is proved! You do not trust? Then this article for you. Following a proverb To See Paris and to die I chose a route to France.

For a start find a backpack in the storeroom, put in it a little clothes, couple of sets of underwear, woolen socks, a dry ration, shampoo, soap and an irreplaceable set of the tourist - KLMN (a mug, a spoon, a bowl, a knife). It is the minimum set, other configuration of zaplechny luggage will whistle directly from your physical capacities. Not bad would be to take a sleeping bag or a tourist rug. Do not forget to acquire the Schengen visa which grants the right freely to drive about almost over all countries of Europe. By itself, take the international passport. Having armed with the card and having chosen a route, safely move on the route, raise a hand and forward!

Anyway some distance you should go across Russia and Belarus, in the countries where, according to various guides, a self-locking device is not present and if is, then it is hazardous to health. Do not trust! The majority of regions of our huge country is quite suitable for travel on passing means of transport. It is the best of all to travel with long-distance truck drivers, they will feed, will protect and on the way will not allow to be bored to death, telling baizes and jokes.

It is necessary to head for Lithuania or Poland - these are gate to Europe for the people traveling a self-locking device. In a case with Poland everything is very simple, Poles in the majority are friendly, many understand Russian, the visa is acquired on border for ridiculous money. With Lithuania the situation is more difficult. The visa costs about 20 euro there that is irreparable material blow for the poor tourist. So Minsk   is the best of all to choose a route; - Warsaw.

Farther along a route three countries - Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia. Through what of them to lay a route - choose.

Germany - a real paradise for fans to sweep with a breeze and besides it is free. All country is penetrated by a dense network of autobahns. Here most often travelers are selected by drivers of automobile cars, long-distance truck drivers prefer not to stop. Many German gas stations are equipped with small benches and gardens for rest, there it is very convenient to sleep if night finds on the way. For entrance the Schengen visa is necessary.

Czech Republic and Slovakia - rather recently these two different countries were one which had the name Czechoslovakia. Therefore rules of tourism in them are very similar. To enjoy beauty of both countries, it is necessary to go from Poland to the capital of Slovakia. Further on the best highway Bratislava - Prague to the Czech Republic. It is not recommended to stop by in Karlovy Vary strictly, hotels expensive, and for spending the night on the street will remove a penalty from you.

If you chose a way through the homeland of BMW and Hitler, so your travel is almost ended, from Frankfurt to Paris there are several autobahns at once. If decided to visit the Czech Republic, then the following country which you should visit is called Austria. Austria is the largest power of tourism. In this regard it advances many countries having more favorable conditions for travel. The secret is that here sincerely love visitors and willingly help them. In any supermarket in the evening you will be given a little food. Local people can provide a lodging for the night free of charge. It is possible to travel in Austria also by train, the main thing will agree with the driver.

Further at the rate Switzerland - home of bank accounts of the Russian oligarchs. It is the best of all to find the next dump in this country and to buy there the old bicycle for couple of euro on which and to reach to border with France. Food problems in this country do not exist, in any cafe at a supermarket you will be able to fill a belly for only 3 euros.

At last you got to France! Take your time to throw out the two-wheeled friend because fans to give a ride to poor tourists very little. Despite it, French are hospitable - and than farther from the capital, especially. But do not forget that they appreciate a smile and talkativeness. If behind a little table in cafe you have enough lexicon to tell couple of simple compliments to wine of France or the French soccer, there is a chance that you will be free of charge fed. In Paris it is possible to spend the night on a shop. Do not forget that an entrance to the museums and rise on the Eiffel Tower paid.

So if you all - were going to go, remember the main rule - where you came around, it is all the same necessary to come back.

On a path : hitchhikers say that the baggage of the free traveler has to weigh one and a half kilograms. So much gray substance in your cranium weighs. If you possess this valuable subject, all the rest will be put.

Good luck on roads also take care!