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Where it is possible to see a beaver?

Beavers - sumerechno - night animals. To see them in the nature a great luck for the person. Well, for this purpose, whose focus of interest sometimes oversteps the bounds of MKAD.

Our house is located near the bed of forest almost fantastic river. Cultivation of kitchen gardens in the small, Godforsaken village standing detached somehow did not get accustomed. The few old residents and we who lodged here recently are busy all summer season who with fishing who hunting. Our ladies bear berry and mushrooms from the wood. I almost all the time that I am there, take on the river bank. Also attracts me to water not only love to fishing, and simple desire to be alone after the noisy, dusty city. To speak about herds of wild deer and numerous families of the grunting boars I will not become. Did not see. Vipers in the spring quantity infinite. It`s true. Bogs around. The midges in full strength, from a mosquito to a hornet, add harmony to local places.

And beavers. Beavers whom I here never saw. Did not see. Their holes are visible only during a drought or when lower water on a dam. The flood spring the whole families distils them from underground houses. Also they sit along the coast - are homeless necessarily. Speak

A to me remembers such case. We lived on one of numerous islands of the Lake Seliger. Housing tarpaulin ours stood in the depth of the small gulf. It rescued from waves and wind which quite often stormed on reaches. But we lived there not one. Everywhere traces of these toothy workaholics were visible. In the evenings, almost at the same time, I cleaning fish hooked in a day, began to notice that as soon as the sun approached the horizon, on the right side from me - in plavnyakh, something loudly flopped in water. And after a while, meters in hundred from the coast, it was possible to see this plyukh but already floating on water. Trying to catch up several times with it to make out closer, I received in response to curiosity blow of a powerful back fin, ripples in the water and disappointment from unfortunate attempt. One my acquaintance told that he saw this monster very close. It was once when he, having bound the boat on poles, at the same time tried to drink vodka, to catch fish and to sleep. But that he saw a beaver I for some reason trust Pasha. Cannot tell a lie of people which so well sings the song - Eyes brown and yellow boots / lit in my soul the flaring fire . Well, it is lyrics all.

Walking somehow along the coast, I suddenly unexpectedly understood that I stand on that beaver lodge about which read in books so much. And it looked so. Leave a slope in voduzhestko the aspen rods bound among themselves, three meters long, reminding the fire prepared for ignition. In me the boy and I suddenly woke up that there were nonsenses, jumped on this tent. - Leave, - I say, - the dastardly coward!!! And, about a miracle, this large object zagromykhat somewhere there below and jumped in water. Also it was visible how reed moves, passing a powerful beaver body under water.

So that the Greenpeace can sleep peacefully so far. There are still places on the earth where these creatures feel as houses. Have the nerve to lodge near law-abiding, teetotal tourists. Spoil trees of valuable breeds and that is not excluded, - also breed.