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What does the jelly differ from jelly and aspic in?

In recipe-books, especially old, often meet names of seemingly similar dishes - jelly and " jelly;. On sense it is clear that it is the stiffened zhelirovanny dishes. But why names different and what they differ in?

The explanatory dictionary of Russian of Ojegov (by the way, not really sensible) gives the answer to the word jelly : see Jelly (in 1 mean.). We look for " jelly;. We find. It appears, in this article of the dictionary there is no first and second value, there is an only thing: food from the meat or fish gain condensed from cooling with pieces of meat or fish . Perhaps, I have an old dictionary, all - 1953? But these dishes are known since 18 - 19 centuries, and did not undergo any changes.

(Just to the word about Ojegov. Compote at it sweet liquid food from the " fruit cooked on water;.)

We watch the word " aspic;. It appears something, filled in with a jellylike gain. Too it is not absolutely clear. We look for the word " jelly; close according to contents. In the second value which interests us more, we read: the jellylike weight which is turning out at long cooking of bones and other animal products .

Already, as if for interest, we look for the exotic culinary name to a fyuma (very concentrated meat by jelly). It is not in the dictionary. No wonder - the poor dictionary at Ojegov. Though in 50 - e years just there comes the Renaissance in cookery, then the first " edition appears; Books about tasty and healthy food to which recipes far and to our capitalist restaurants. What is only cost by number Georgian wines!

But we will come back to ours to jellies.

On the Internet met the phrase jelly meat jelly . And in a professional compounding of Soviet period did not notice distinction in a set of products for these dishes and technology of preparation.

Generally, my rich, though amateur experience in cookery advises that " jelly; and jelly - synonyms. At least, presently. Though the intuition prompts: jelly has to to shiver : competently made jelly has to be looked through by the eater to a bottom, shudder under a fork and please with amber outflow.

A jelly - more dense dish, zagushchatsya sometimes, as well as jelly for aspic, gelatin.

Legs (shank), the heads, lips and other attractive parts containing zheliruyushchy substances are most suitable for these festive, most often, dishes.

Who loves a jelly from beef which of pork, and who mixes with chicken meat.

Recipe of a beef dish.
400 g of a putovy beef joint, 180 g of beef, 700 g of chicken, 1 carrots, 0,5 bulbs, 2 roots of parsley, garlic, black ground pepper, salt to taste. it is good to Putova`s

to wash up, split, fill in a beef joint with cold water and to cook at weak boiling of 6 - 8 h, removing fat and foam. In 3 - 4 h to add beef and chicken, to cook to readiness. In 30 minutes prior to the end of cooking to put the peeled and small cut carrots, onions, a parsley root in broth. And putovy a joint to take out the cooked meat, chicken from broth. To remove bones at chicken, at a putovy joint - a bone and a sinew. All meat small to cut and add to the filtered broth. To salt, cook 15 - 20 minutes. At the end of cooking to add the crushed garlic. To pour a jelly in forms and to put on cold.

Recipe of a pork dish.
2 pork legs (it is possible part of the pork head), 1 leg of a turkey, 1 carrots, 1 bulb, salt, black pepper (ground), garlic, water.

Pork legs to wash, poskoblit skin (it is possible to wet previously for the night). To put the above-stated meat products in a pan, to fill in with water of meat about 3 fingers higher than level. To bring to boiling, to remove foam and to cook on slow fire under slightly slightly opened cover of 6 - 8 hours. In the middle of cooking to add salt to taste, carrots, onions in a peel. Upon termination of cooking to separate meat from bones, to spread out on capacities and to fill in with the filtered broth. To add pepper and grated garlic. To put in the refrigerator before hardening. Not to put bay leaf and bell pepper.

And one more, however, not checked recipe, though original:

to put pork legs and the head with ears In a big pan, to cook a quarter of hour, to cool cold water. To shift pork in a chugunok, having filled in with a bottle of white wine, a glass of acetic essence, a water bottle, to put about ten bulbs, half-pinches of a carnation and to put on fire that meat upret and easily separated from bones. In days for aspic to bring raisin without stones, to a tack, to lay slices of a lemon, hard-boiled eggs, boiled carrots, to cut, having taken away bones, meat pieces, to arrange in a sudka and to fill in with the clarified lemon.

I together with pork legs cook chicken stomachs on very slow fire that broth did not dim, and I remove completely fat. And I sell one more secret: together with grated or davleny garlic put half a teaspoon or a spoon of a ground thyme, or chaber: taste of other products improves and amplifies.

And though these cold dishes in Russia were eaten from time immemorial, physicians sometimes say that they are harmful as in them there are a lot of extractive substances. Perhaps can But they are useful to men, especially after holidays, morning after.

Georgians restore health after feasts the Hashem under a glass of vodka. The bones which are boiled down to insanity, abruptly filled with garlic, ears and tails make a noble shake-up and improvement of an organism. And, in fact, this their soup - a sort of hot jelly.

One more secret from personal experience: try sometime a jelly together with hot stuffed cabbage, but only not with mincemeat, and vegetable with friable rice. It as coffee on - Brazilian with ice water - on contrast.

Aspic Well it is correctly told in Twist of fate - muck . Even on the compounding. Meat and fish are filled in most often with water with gelatin. At least, at restaurants unless add a quarter of boiled egg and a segment of a lemon. Amazing transparency of a jellied dish is explained by lack of natural extractive substances. Nobody clarifies hot broth by means of the pounded caviar or egg white there.

And " jelly; to a fyuma and galantir - these are, in fact, semi-finished products, preparations for preparation of other dishes.

A jelly, that is jelly - widespread Russian cold appetizer. It can be given to a holiday table under vodka - with horse-radish, mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, and it is better with beet with horse-radish. This dish was eaten generally between Christmas and the Epiphany.