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Why. Lessons of the Russian literature.

to Execute it is impossible to pardon.

Saddam Hussein was not lucky. Americans put the end after the first word.

Punctuation marks always played a huge role in human history. So, for example, Nikita Bogoslavsky somehow joked also in a song " line; I do not know other such country having put the end after the words I another right there turned into the ardent opponent of the existing system. It is good that though this end was put in days of stagnation, and it was not necessary to sit to the composer from - for nuances of use of signs of a punctuation.

Or here typographical errors. At the Soviet power for a typographical error could also put or if carries, to fire. The only case when for a typographical error nobody was punished. In one of the central newspapers instead of our dear secretary general Leonid Ilyich wrote ingenious secretary .

Anthem of Stalin falcons Higher and higher in the years of civil war in the Odessa taverns sounded as a cancan. Above and above we seek to lift skirts .

To what I all this? Ah yes. To Pushkin. To Alexander Sergeyevich. Which our everything .

of the Word familiar and learned by heart by heart from school:

My uncle of the most honest rules . First lines Eugene Onegin .

Always me was gnawed by a worm of doubt (the truth, I do not know whether the worm can gnaw) why, honest and, certainly, the decent uncle, having got sick, forced to respect himself .

That is the healthy uncle nobody respected, and in the same way nobody felt sorry for the patient.

the Nephew is good too. Sits at a bed of dying and waits, when devil will take it.

Somehow the portrait of the positive elderly person does not match the attitude of people around towards him. Something Sergeyevich subtilized.

But everything changes by 180 degrees if to assume that the great Russian poet was not so simple also instead of a noun rules used the verb rules i.e. corrected.

Then it turns out that the uncle was a big swine. He all life tried to inspire the system of values in surrounding people, tried to correct everything, even the most honest of them. Being fatally sick, he commanded fear and respect. Proceeding from it, it is easy to understand behavior of Evgeny who is forced to play the hypocrite and wait for early death of the relative.

Sharply the psychological climate of the well-known novel changes. The uncle appears the central figure of work which put the huge pressure upon weak mentality of Onegin.

Exactly thanks to children`s impressions about the mad and imperious uncle Evgeny became the cynic and rejected pure and correctly well-mannered Tatyana. Uncle`s neglect people became a direct occasion to duel and Lensky`s death.

The uncle in lips of the poet is an embodiment of the world evil. This is Koshchey Bessmertny, Voland and Stalin in one person!

Is unconditional, Alexander Sergeyevich, in the first chapter of the novel tried to tell descendants about appearance of the great tyrant and about how members of the Politburo will hypocritically cry at his bed.

Around Pushkin many years are fed crowd of teachers, critics and litas. observers. They managed - to impart silent hatred to nothing to the suspecting poet to school students and students. There is for the creator of punishment worse, than no getting into the school program.

But subjects the Russian poet is also great that still it is possible to find new thoughts and unexpected conclusions in his works.

By the way. The first lines of the novel in verses at all not about the uncle. Very few people know, but Eugene Onegin begins:

Without thinking of proud light to zabavit .

And we will not amuse further and modestly we take the leave. You teach the classic intelligently, misters.