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For what computer programs of parental control are necessary?

Considering the immoral maintenance of some websites, it is no wonder that an increasing number of parents wishes to control process of Web - surfing of children.

was Looked for by the paper - found a porn

Is good if you can be sure that your baby for the present does not think of pestles and stamens, or is so highly moral that will not look on the websites of reprehensible contents and to put you on the grandma visit of a paid porn.

However the Network has a weight more of opportunities to corrupt the young user: in mailboxes an avalanche the idiotic letters advertizing elite prostitutes pour, public discussion in a forum rolls down to a string of obscenities, and under masks of public organizations sects, the devilish and neo-fascist organizations and banal scams hide.

Many pornwebsites contain the word " in summaries; paper - and searchers give to seniors together with collections of training materials a rigid porn. Not so long ago history of one Moscow school was widely publicized: in the 11th class at an informatics lesson pupils on request for the emperor Peter I got access to the website devoted to homosexuality as on it information on allegedly homosexual orientation of the emperor together with the frank image of the perverted sexual actions contained.

To protect and not to pushchat!

to be sure that the child even incidentally will not come across in the Network the corrupting materials, it is logical to use means of the browser. At Internet Explorer in a menu item Internet Options there is a bookmark Contents " function; Access Restriction by means of which it is possible to limit access to the resources containing undesirable information.

IE uses system of ratings RSACi (www. rsac. org) by means of which it is possible to classify the websites by four categories: violence, offensive language, exposure of a body and sex. For each category there are several " levels; admissibilities :

Violence: total absence of violence and accidents; fights; murders; encouragement of violence over defenseless beings; bloody murders; cruel and senseless violence.

Offensive language: not offensive slang without foul language; not offensive abuse; the expressions describing natural functions of an organism; moderate curses; expressions concerning a human body without mention of genitals; the language contradicting the standard norms; indecent gestures; rough curses with hatred expression; obvious mention of genitals.

body Exposure: is absent; revealing clothes; partial exposure; full exposure; a full exposure with defiant poses.

Sex: lack of scenes of sexual activity; passionate kisses; sexual caress without undressing; sexual contact without sexual intercourse; obvious image of sexual intercourse.

the Main lack of this method of protection - you can overdo and disconnect the child from 90% of the websites (including also that do not contain above-mentioned categories of information).

Parental control to

Much more opportunities and thin settings is offered by specialized programs for implementation parental control ( parental control ) who use the " list which is constantly updated by the developer`s forces; permitted and unlawful or independently try to define degree of danger of the website, comparing its contents to a set of keywords.

In some programs it is possible to adjust restriction for the websites containing information on drugs, sects, a Satanism, Nazism etc. However, they have one general annoying feature: these programs mainly English-speaking they also block access only to the English-speaking websites.

Supervising systems without effort can be found on any of the popular software websites in the Network. The majority of them - shareware also extends in the form of estimated versions.

The most widespread - CyberPatrol (www. cyberpatrol. com) from the company SurfControl, PureSight (www. puresight. com) from Geni Ltd., CYBERsitter 2000 (www. cybersitter. com) from Solid Oak Software, and also Norton Internet Security 2000 (www. symantec. ru) from Symantec Corp.